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Funding for
Renewable Energy Projects

Our sustainable funding for the energy transition.

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Funding of renewable energy projects with citizen participation

Would you like to give the people in your area and other stakeholders the opportunity to participate in your Renewable Energy Community and thus actively support the project? 

With its financing partner OnePlanetCrowd, Invesdor is offering a unique opportunity for project initiators who are looking for funding for their renewable energy community and/or want to implement community participation.

Would you like to know if your renewable energy community is suitable for financing through Invesdor? Contact us now!

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Subordinated capital will strengthen your equity ratio and facilitate financing by a bank 

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The community in your area will actively support your project and become potental customers

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Well-developed process

With our legally compliant, digital process you're on the safe side

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Advantages of financing with Invesdor

Die Vorteile der Finanzierung durch Invesdor

The climate agreement's message is clear: the future belongs to renewable energy and without public support, this energy transition cannot succeed. In some European countries, the involvement of communities in renewable energy projects is a long-standing tradition. For example, in the Netherlands, our funding partner OnePlanetCrowd's home country, this trend has been developed over the last 10 years and is now even embedded in the law. This step is also about to be taken in German-speaking countries.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, you can now also benefit from the funding of renewable energy communities!

Invesdor will support you with our own funding team for renewable energy projects as well as with our fully digital, automated and legally compliant infrastructure so you can ralise your community participation. 

A campaign for the classic Invesdor community participation can be started in any phase of the project as long as all the requirements for commissioning the plant have been met (complete financing structure including equity and subsidies are secured, all permits and contracts are available). For the project sponsors as equity providers, citizen participation as subordinate financing has the advantage that it can be counted as economic equity by banks and as required equity by funding agencies.

Funding conditions

The funding of your renewable energy community will be in the form of a digital bond. 

Usually this bond is subordinate to bank financing and therefore banks and other senior lenders count it towards your equity share. (Re) Financing of current energy communities can also be structured as an unsecured bond equivalent to a bank loan. Due to the type of bond, it is possible that the security will be tradeable in the future.

Invesdor would be happy to support you with the structuring as well as aiding you in presenting an adequate cash flow repayment profile. 


Funding of 100,000 to 10 million euros 


Tokenised (digital security), transferable, qualified subordinate and usually unsecured


Interest rate in line with the market, adapted to the financing structure of the renewable energy community


Maturity and repayment adjusted to the maturity of the bank financing

Your funding experts

Günther Lindenlaub
Günther Lindenlaub
+49 30 364 285 770
Martin Hofstadler
Martin Hofstadler
+49 30 364 285 770
Jakoba van der Mei
Jakoba van der Mei
+49 30 364 285 770
Eric Muller
Eric Muller
+49 30 364 285 770

How it works

Your renewable energy funding round

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We are excited to get to know your project!

Beratung & Strukturierung

Our knowledgeable experts will structure your funding campaign with you

Vorbereitung der Kampagne

Our Campaign Team will provide you with step-by-step instructions and support

Ihre Finanzierungsanfrage

Citizens and (if you wish) our crowd can invest in your project

Beratung & Strukturierung

The funding amount gets payed out and you will receive access to your investors, as well as new potential customers

Vorbereitung der Kampagne

Complete focus on your project! We will take the administrative burden of the process off your shoulders

Successfully realised renewable energy projects

Take a look at some renewable energy projects from our partner Oneplanetcrowd

Projekt Agradu


Agradu exemplifies sustainable agriculture. The company builds, manages and operates renewable gas production facilities that use manure and waste materials that are not fit for consumption. Within a year and a half, Agradu has carried out two very successful crowdfunding campaigns on Oneplanetcrowd and raised a total of 1.5 million euros in funding. Among other things, the funding amout was used to finance the subsidy-free production of green gas.


Projekt Solarpark Bomhofsplas

Solarpark Bomhofsplas

The largest floating solar park in Europe is located on the Bomhofsplas in Zwolle (Netherlands). With 72,000 panels, the 18-hectare park generates green energy for more than 7,000 households. The energy cooperative Blauwvinger Energie has set itself the goal of giving as many people as possible access to green energy. With a crowdfunding campaign of over 1 million euros, Blauwvinger wanted to ensure that the financial return remained in their community.

Solarpark Bomhofsplas

Projekt Die Windcentrale

Die Windcentrale 

Two successful crowdfunding campaigns within two weeks. Impossible? Die Windcentrale proved that it is not. More than 1,200 investors invested 1.6 million euros in the windmill Het Vliegend Hert. As a result, the wind power plant received money as well as 1,200 potential customers.

Die Windcentrale

We look forward to becoming part of your project!

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