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Take a Stake. Shape the Future.

Shape the future - with your equity investment

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Shape the future with your investment.

With an equity investment you become part of the growth story of successful companies. With your investment, you decide which business models are convincing. Shape the future and benefit from value increases, dividend payouts and successful exits. It's up to you.

Mit Partizipationsrechten stehen Sie gleichauf mit echten Gesellschaftern bei der Investition in Unternehmen

Equity investments - your advantages at a glance

You participate directly in the company's success - on equal terms with the main investors

You participate in exciting business models and support pioneering companies

You benefit from increasing company valuations, dividends and successful exits

Investment success stories of the Invesdor crowd

Green-tech, successful gastronomy concepts, innovative med-tech companies and many more. In the past nine years, the Invesdor crowd has invested in more than 400 companies and enabled mutual success.


Friends&Brgrs acquired by NoHo Partners

Friends&Brgrs is a fast casual restaurant chain made for people who like great burgers. At Friends&Brgrs they bake the buns and grind the meat themselves and only use locally produced ingredients.

Friends&Brgrs was founded in Finland in 2014 and quickly expanded to many cities such as Helsinki and Copenhagen. In 2020, Friends&Brgrs was acquired by NoHo Partners and brought an attractive return to the Invesdor crowd.

Equity financing for Friends&Brgrs international expansion

Friends&Brgrs was acquired by NoHo Partners in 2020 for 30 euros per share offering their investors a healthy return of 22,5%.


First European "Crowd IPO"

The digital financial management provider Heeros Oy raised 660,000 euros through Invesdor. Within just 12-months Heeros Oy did an IPO on the Nasdaq First North market in Finland offering their investors a return of 15% in just 12-months. Invesdor became the first European crowdfunding platform to deliver an exit through an IPO. 

Pre-IPO equity financing for growth and expansion

Within just 12-months Heeros Oy did an IPO on the Nasdaq First North market in Finland at 3.10 euros per share offering their investors a return of 15% in just 12-months. Heeros was the first publicly traded company in Europe to have taken on equity crowdfunding investments from retail investors.


Singa modernises karaoke

Singa has developed the world's first fully digital karaoke streaming service, offering singers and karaoke venues a modern user experience. With the new funding, the company's primary objective is to accelerate a full commercial launch in the US market. Invesdor raised more than 3.5 million euros for Singa's expansion.

Singa convertible bond to finance US market entry

Renowned investors such as Tesi, Maki.VC, Superhero Capital, Initial Capital and other industry experts participated in the funding round together with the Invesdor crowd.


The future of snacking

As a food tech, NEOH wants to revolutionise the global confectionery market with the megatrend of sugar reduction. In 2020, NEOH was one of the fastest growing healthy food brands in Europe. The food tech company has raised 1.5 million euros in equity via Invesdor in two share issues. NEOH will use the additional funds to finance the expansion of its product range and further expand regionally.

NEOH equity investments

Investors receive shares in the NEOH issuing company. In the event of an IPO, sale or partial sale of the company, the investors participate in the success side by side with the founders and other shareholders.

Get to know over 400 other successful companies that are shaping Europe's future together with us:

Participate even before stock exchange listing

"I took the opportunity to invest in NEOH in 2021. In my view, the company's products represent a truly forward-looking combination of snacking and sugar-free and thus healthier nutrition. NEOH thus occupies a central future topic of our time. I really appreciate that Invesdor allows me to invest in sustainable companies with high value growth potential even before they are listed on a stock exchange."

Christian Wenkoff, Management Consulting
Christian Wenkoff
Management Consultant

All details about the investment opportunities:

Equity investments at Invesdor can be structured in a variety of ways. As part of the due diligence process, we represent the investors to identify the optimal investment structure. Typical equity investments at Invesdor are:

  • Shares:
    Become a shareholder and profit from dividends, increasing company valuations and potential exits.
  • Convertible bonds:
    Invest money in hybrid securities that initially yield interest and can later be converted into shares.
  • Participation rights:
    Benefit from sales and profit sharing on an equal footing with real shareholders.
  • Profit participation rights:
    Invest in companies and be entitled to participate in the (profit) net income for the year.

Decisive factors for the optimal investment structure include the legal form of the company (limited liability company, public limited company), the company phase (early stage, later stage) and the intended company development (long-term profitability, sale of the company). In this way, we ensure that our investors receive an investment that is optimally tailored from a risk-return perspective.