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IV. Investment Management

Find out below how you can use our clear dashboard to view your portfolio and the status of interest and redemption payments at any time. Keep an eye on the development of your projects at all times.

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Your personal portfolio

Your personal portfolio is the contact point for all your investments. Whether fixed-interest projects or participations, here you will find all the relevant information and keep an eye on all developments.

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What can I see in my portfolio?

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How do I manage my investments?

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Information and documents on your investments

Get a comprehensive overview of the functions of your portfolio. You have convenient access to all relevant key figures and your contract documents at any time. Don't miss any important news. Stay informed about all important steps concerning your investment.

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Manage profile

Below you will learn how to customise and manage your profile and personal information. You can view your previous details and update them if necessary. Furthermore, you have the option to change your payment details and conveniently access your tax certificates. In addition, many other useful functions are available to you.

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How do I adjust my personal details?

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How can I view my repayments?

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View repayments

You can keep track of interest and redemption payments with a payment schedule, which is created separately for each investment. With the help of these detailed payment overviews, you can track at any time which amounts have already been repaid and which payments are still due. In addition, it is possible to download a daily updated export of all payments in the form of an Excel file. The interest payments are transferred directly to the bank account you specified in your profile.

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Tax documents

You can find all tax documents in the "My profile" area under "Tax information". Of course, we provide you with all the tax certificates you need for your personal tax return as PDF documents. In return, you will receive an overview of your included interest. This is uploaded to your account once a year in the first quarter for the previous year.

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Where can I find my tax documents?

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Frequently asked questions

Investment offer and closing

During the investment phase, you submit an investment offer. After the investment phase is completed, the company accepts your offer. You will then receive your personalized contract. In the meantime, you have the opportunity to prepare for the investment closing and proceed with payment and any required identification.

After submitting your investment offer, you have the option to prepare for the completion process, which helps ensure a smooth transaction.

Deposit a bank account for deposits and payouts.. You will need your IBAN and BIC for this. Without a bank account in your name, we cannot accept deposits for your investments.

Specify your payment method and make the payment. You can choose between secure online banking via our platform or a traditional bank transfer.

Verify your identity (if required). In some cases, we may need to verify your identity using an identification document. There are various quick and convenient methods available for this process.

Add a wallet (if required). For investment projects with digital securities, you will need a wallet or digital safe deposit box. You can set this up with us free of charge in just a few simple steps.

After the financing phase ends, you will receive an email notification confirming that your investment offer has been accepted by the company. We will prepare your contract documents and make them available for download in your portfolio.

In rare cases, in the event of oversubscription or for projects with an auction rate, the company may decide not to accept all offers.

Immediately after confirming your investment, you will be directed to the completion process, or you can initiate the completion of your investment after the company accepts your offer.

Please follow these (possible) below to complete your investment:

  • Provide a bank account for payments and payouts
    You will need your IBAN and BIC for this. We cannot accept payments for your investments without a bank account. Also, pay outs of interest and repayment amounts are not possible without a registered bank account.
  • Make the payment
    You can choose to pay through our secure platform using online banking, via traditional bank transfer, or by direct debit.
  • Verify your identity (if required)
    In some cases, such as if you have invested more than 15,000 euros through our platform in the last 6 months, we are obligated to verify your identity using an identity document. There are different options available, all of which require minimal time.
  • Set up a wallet (if required)
    For projects involving digital bonds, you will need to set up a wallet. This can be done for free in just a few simple steps.

Once these steps are completed, your investment will be finalized, and you will receive a notification when the amount is paid to the company, and the interest calculation begins.

Delayed payments, financial loss

Repayments of principal and interest may be received with delay, but this does not automatically imply insolvency for the company. Companies operate in a dynamic environment where various factors can cause delays in payment, such as pending invoices, legal disputes, or delayed deliveries. These circumstances may result in temporary liquidity issues, affecting the timely repayment of obligations.

Security & consumer protection

As a general rule, you have the option to cancel your offer within 14 days after receiving the offer confirmation by email. To do so, please send us the precise offer amount and the company name from the email address you used to register with us.

Additionally, you can independently revoke your investment through your portfolio.

Please note that it is not possible to modify the investment. If you wish to invest a higher amount, please make a new investment. For a lower investment amount, send us a cancellation request by email. You can then proceed to invest again with your desired amount.

Please be aware that specific terms related to the investment round may apply, and these terms may include specific provisions regarding the right to cancel.

Payment partner for investment projects

For subordinated financing, we use the payment procedure of secupay AG, which combines the payment processes with a BaFin-compliant trustee function. The BaFin-approved payment institution is based in Pulsnitz near Dresden.

Partner bank for classic credit financing

Payment processing for classic credit financing is handled by Fidor Bank AG from Munich. Since its founding in 2009, it has pursued the goal of transferring the Web 2.0 behaviours that are increasingly emerging on the Internet to the area of financial services. It is a member of the Deposit Protection Fund of German banks. Since its foundation, Fidor Bank has received many innovation awards, including: Initiative Mittelstand - Innovationspreis-IT (2012); Banking IT-Innovation Award (2011); International Finance Magazine: Most Innovative Bank Germany (2013).