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III. Why Invesdor

Get to know a few of our team members from all departments here. In the interview, they talk not only about how the different departments work at Invesdor, but also about their personal lives.

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Who we are

We are a digital crowdfunding platform that connects private and institutional investors with companies in various growth phases and industries across Europe. Investors invest in companies on our platform and receive fixed interest or a stake in the company.

Companies, on the other hand, gain access to our network of over 150,000 users through Invesdor and can thus successfully expand their financing. Until now, investing in companies that are not listed on the stock exchange was reserved for relatively wealthy investors. Now, thanks to Invesdor, small investors also have this opportunity to invest in innovative companies from all over Europe through crowdfunding.


From Helsinki, Vienna, Amsterdam and Berlin to all of Europe.


Invesdor is founded in Helsinki in 2012 and launches its first projects in Finland.


With the merger to form the Invesdor Group with offices in Germany, Austria and Finland, we become one of the largest investment and financing platforms in Europe.


The Dutch platform Oneplanetcrowd joins the Invesdor Group. This not only expands our offering into another European country, but also adds sustainable investment opportunities.


We carefully curate all projects. Less than 5 per cent of all businesses that request funding ultimately make it onto our platform. Each company undergoes a thorough review by our experts to determine if it is suitable for funding. All companies that can be invested in at Invesdor generate a turnover of at least 1 million euros per year and are at least in their third business year. From young, growing start-ups to established small and medium-sized companies: you will find what you are looking for at Invesdor.

Return on investment

Profit directly from the success of emerging and innovative companies. Companies in the seed and growth phase in particular offer the opportunity to achieve a high return through rapid growth potential. In the past, the companies we have selected have been able to inspire with an average return of 6.50% p.a..
As an investor you support innovative companies in implementing their plans. The return achieved in the process is paid out to you directly on the fixed date - without any hidden costs. This way, you and the company benefit equally.


Together with our crowd, we have already advanced hundreds of business models with new ideas or long-standing traditions: from wind farms to clever gastronomy concepts to innovative developments from industry. Our platform gives investors easy access to unlisted companies that are otherwise difficult to reach.

Invesdor success stories

3 successful projects that reflect our mission

Gründer und Geschäftsführer der Beets & Roots GmbH

"We were convinced by the agile financing solutions, which allow a greater focus on the core business."

Max Kochen - Founder and Managing Director of Beets & Roots GmbH

Gründer und Geschäftsführer der Evobeam GmbH

"Invesdor Germany offered itself as a non-bureaucratic supplement to our existing financing with the bank."

Dr. Ing. Matthias Wahl - Founder and Managing Director of Evobeam GmbH

Knut Schuster - Geschäftsführer der Schrimpf und Schöneberg GmbH

"The unbureaucratic review of our documents and the personal support have convinced me and my team."

Knut Schuster - Managing Director of Schrimpf und Schöneberg GmbH

Our vision


As a company, we want to help drive social and economic change towards a more sustainable and progressive market. That's why only innovative and a variety of sustainable projects make it through our detailed review. Courageous and entrepreneurial people shape change. Change is part of our DNA. We continuously develop our platform to always offer the best products and solutions to our crowd.


We believe that investors can make a significant contribution to the development of the European market and therefore want to give our crowd the opportunity to make a decisive difference with their investments. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to shape their own financial future.


On the one hand, it is our goal to give up-and-coming companies the opportunity to successfully implement their ideas. On the other hand, we want to offer our investors new and innovative investment opportunities. This creates a promising symbiosis. They support high-performance companies and enable real progress. Companies, on the other hand, use the various forms of financing at Invesdor to scale their business model.

At a glance: Invesdor in numbers

How many projects have we already financed at Invesdor? How much capital has been raised? And how much of it has already been paid back to the crowd? These and other insights can be found on our statistics page.