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Raise funds for your

Invesdor offers tailored public fundraising solutions and access to our investor base. Our funding rounds range from 250k€ to 5M€.

Fundraising process

Invesdor connects investors and companies

Raising funding through Invesdor's platform is an engaging addition to traditional loans from banks or equity financing from venture capitalists and other sources of equity. You reap the same benefits as you would from traditional funding but gain more alternatives and flexibility on structuring the financing.

Choosing Invesdor as your funding partner gives you the opportunity to gain investors, stay in control and get a marketing boost from the funding campaign and enhance the value of your business.

We customize the fundraising campaign with and for your company

The funding structure relates to the individual development stage and underlying business of your company. Read more about Invesdor's fundraising solutions such as equity, bonds and renewable energy project financing.

Fundraising with Invesdor

I. Consulting

II. Signing

III. Start

IV. Closure

Send in your application or speak directly to our experts. After receiving your application we get back to you with feedback and discuss your status in more detail.

We sign a mandate agreement and start preparing your campaign. We perform Due Diligence and the legally required documents are prepared. One of our experienced project managers is assigned to you and and we work towards making your funding campaign a success!

The campaign is open to the public for investments and will last a maximum of three weeks. In this stage maximising the funding round's visibility within your own network and audience is key. Your funding round can be listed on up to five country-specific domains to gain visibility throughout Europe.

We take care of the investor authentication and provide a simple and safe payment process. After completion we transfer the money to your account. Depending on the financing instrument, Invesdor can also provide a tool for shareholder management and bundle administrative tasks over the tenure of the bond.

The benefits of fundraising with Invesdor

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We follow AML and KYC procedures to ensure that all legal requirements are met.

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Project Management & Advisory

Your investment manager will lead you through the entire fundraising process. We guide you to reach your maximum funding limit.

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Wide reach

With our European crowdfunding license we currently cover Germany, Austria, the Nordics and BeNeLux. Fundraising with Invesdor is great for market entries throughout Europe.

Investor base
We have a userbase with more than 184,000 potential investors from over 90 countries.

Successful financing
We have raised more than 531 million euros for our target companies.

Reliable funding partner

Since 2012 over 900 projects across Europe have successfully been funded by the Invesdor crowd.

FAQ on fundraising with Invesdor

Send in your application or speak directly to our experts to get advice on your funding proposal.

Invesdor offers tailored fundraising and we have criteria descriptions for SMEs, Start-ups and Renewable energy companies.

We offer financing rounds in the range of 250,000 euros up to 5 million euros. Consult with our sales department on what type of financing instrument suits your company the best and how much money you are looking to raise on Invesdor's platform. 

Send in your funding application from the chatbot.

We are here for you!

You can reach us by mail, by phone and via our chat.

  +358 20 735 25 90

 You will find the chat in the bottom right corner.

In our FAQ section you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

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