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Countdown to the the new investment platform


Oneplanetcrowd wordt Invesdor

It's going to happen this weekend! If the final preparations go according to plan, will move to and you can view your portfolio there and place new investments starting next week.

We will be offline for a few days as of next Friday.

In this newsletter you will find the latest information about our new online environment and a number of 'frequently asked questions' with answers. Our next newsletter will be sent from Invesdor once the move is complete. Please add to your contacts to continue receiving our messages. Also check your spam box in the coming weeks and mark the Invesdor mailings as 'not spam' after which the message will automatically be moved to your inbox, so that you are sure you don't miss anything.

Land Life great success at Invesdor 

We have already placed the financing campaign of the Dutch company Land Life on the Invesdor platform. This means that this campaign was not only offered in the Netherlands, but also in Germany, Austria and Finland. A total of €836,000 of the total amount of €2,912,500 was raised in these countries. As far as we are concerned, this is a great success and we see that the interest of the investors of Invesdor and Oneplanetcrowd are matching.

Our DNA remains sustainable

All propositions offered on Invesdor meet our ESG requirements, 'no harm criteria'. You will continue to find our Oneplanetcrowd logo on all propositions that have a direct impact on one of the Sustainable Development Goals. Laura Rooseboom, initiator of Oneplanetcrowd and now also a partner of Invesdor, is happy to tell you more about the Oneplanetcrowd label and how it contributes to the SDGs, the development goals of the United Nations. Watch the video below in Dutch.

Unique increase in returns 

You will no longer pay a management fee on new propositions offered on the Invesdor platform. This equates to an immediate return increase of 0.8% per year, which is unique in the Netherlands! The reason we can offer you this benefit is that it is customary for the German market, where we are also active with Invesdor, that the company pays this compensation. Our services to you will of course not change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding the new investment platform? We would like to refer you to our FAQ. Below you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions, with the corresponding answers. Is your question not listed? Of course you can contact us. We will be happy to help you.


We will continue to inform you about developments via our newsletters in the near future.Still have questions? Then you can contact our support staff, such as Monique, via

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Has all my data stored at Oneplanetcrowd been transferred to

Yes, all data has been transferred from Oneplanetcrowd to the new Invesdor platform: your login details, personal details such as address, telephone number and bank account (for repayments) and of course your entire investment portfolio. This means there is no need to create a new account on You also don't have to go through the customer verification process again. You can simply log in to as you were used to on

What is the difference between an investment and an investment offer and what happens if I have made an investment offer?

During the investment campaign you submit an 'investment offer'. After the campaign is completed, the company will accept your offer and you will receive confirmation. In the meantime you have time to make the payment. You will find all investment offers you have made under the heading Investment Offers.

How do I complete my investment?

After submitting your investment offer, you wait for acceptance by the entrepreneur, but you can already proceed with the payment. Please follow the instructions on the platform. 

After the campaign ends, you will receive confirmation by email that your investment offer has been accepted by the company. We will then make your contract documents available and downloadable in your profile.

Can a company or an entrepreneur reject my investment offer? 

Yes, that is possible, but in practice it hardly ever happens.

Will I still receive the 'soon live' email approximately 48 hours in advance?

The information regarding (new) investment propositions at Invesdor is as follows: the 'soon available' mailing that you received 48 hours before a new campaign goes live, will be cancelled. You will now receive an email the moment the campaign is opened. In addition, every Thursday we will send an overview of the news surrounding all open campaigns on the platform and you will always receive a 'last chance' email when a campaign is about to end. You will easily recognize the sustainable investment offer by the OnePlanet label.

Can I cancel my investment? 

Yes, you can cancel your investment up to 4 days after you placed your investment offer. You can cancel your investment yourself in your portfolio in your online profile. It is also possible for you to send us an email from the address you used to make your investment. Please state the amount and the name of the company in which you invested. 

Be aware that you cannot change your investment amount. If you want to invest a higher amount, please make a new investment. If you want to invest a lower amount, cancel your investment and then invest the amount you want. 

Why can´t I find my recent investment in the overview of my investments?

Your recent investments will only appear in your overview after the administrative process has been fully completed. You will always receive a confirmation email when you have made your investment.

Why am I being asked to complete open tasks? 

During the investment process you will be asked to go through various steps. If you still have to complete any of these steps, it will be shown on your investment offer. This will help you complete the investment process.

Where can I find an overview of my received principal repayments and interest payments? 

Under the "Payments" tab you will find an overview of all your already received and upcoming payments. You can also download an overview of repayments and interest payments from your profile in an Excel file. The file downloads as a zip file ( but can then be opened as an Excel file. 

I no longer see an end date for the loan(s) in which I participated. Where can I find the end date(s)? 

You can easily determine this by adding the number of months of the term to the start date of the loan. These are both shown. 

I no longer see the name of the project I invested in under my investments. Where can I find those? 

This has been changed since we use the new platform. In your investment overview you will now see the name of the company in which you have invested, and no longer the project name as you were used to on the Oneplanetcrowd platform. 

I have read that the management fee no longer applies. Does this also apply to my previously made investments?

From now on, you will no longer pay a management fee for new investments you make on the Invesdor platform. However, the previously made agreements regarding your investments that you have already made via Oneplanetcrowd remain valid, including the agreed management fee. 

I do not see a contract in my profile for new investments via Is that correct? 

No personalized contracts are created on, but you can always find and download the applicable agreement for each investment, such as the bond conditions, in your profile. In addition, you will receive a personalized payment receipt as download in your portfolio. 

How do I receive (re)payments of principal and interest on my investments? 

For all investments you make via the Invesdor platform, you will receive these payments from Invesdor. For the loans you previously took out via the Oneplanetcrowd platform, you will still receive the repayments and interest payments directly from the entrepreneur as you are used to. 

Where can I find information about my upcoming principal and interest payments? 

In your portfolio, under the heading "Payments" you will find a comprehensive overview of the upcoming payments for all your investments. 

How do I recognize a payment from an entrepreneur on my bank account? 

As you are used to, the company pays you directly. These payments are given a characteristic that looks something like this: 

Invesdor VP-99999-A999999-E999999-T9-RN 

VP = The project number of your investment 

A = Your customer number at Invesdor 

E = The unique number associated with your investment 

T = The tracking number in your payment 

You can also find this payment in your profile on Invesdor. 




The information contained herein is not meant to be, and it shall not be interpreted as investment advice or a recommendation and investors must neither accept any offer for, nor acquire, any securities unless they do so on the basis of the information contained in the applicable investment material of a target company. Investing in securities of unlisted companies is associated with high risk.

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