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Faces of Invesdor: Marko Müller


Interview of Marko Mueller

May we introduce? This is Marko Müller. 

Marko (37) is originally from Magdeburg and has lived in Berlin for 14 years. He started his career as a paramedic. However, his enthusiasm for helping people quickly led him into customer support. Thanks to his years of experience, which he gained primarily at Klarna, Billpay and Groupon, he is already an old hand in this field. Since October 2022, he has been responsible for investor support at Invesdor and loves to discover new aspects of his field. 

The first thing that catches my eye when I look at you is your Dragon Ball Z T-shirt. Do you have a passion for superheroes? 

Marko: (laughs) It's kind of a tick of mine. I collect these T-shirts. I already have about 20 of them in my wardrobe. Among others, Marvel, Dragon Ball Z, anime, science fiction and many more. In addition, my home is adorned with a small nerd shelf with little superhero figures. My favorite films from this genre are Endgame from the Marvel universe and Shazam from the BC universe. 

You were previously in customer support at Klarna, Billpay and Groupon - so you're a kind of superhero for the customers yourself. Today, you are a new customer service employee at Invesdor. What prompted you to make this change? 

Marko: The task remains the same, of course. But I was attracted by the challenge of working in a completely different area and learning something new. At Klara, there were a lot of routines and the same topics every day. At Invesdor, the atmosphere convinced me right from the first interview. I like the people, the atmosphere, the togetherness. I don't regret the change at all. Whenever someone asks me "How is your new job?", I have to smile and tell them how good I feel. 

... and what do you like best here? 

Marko: The familiar, collegial atmosphere. I like the way we deal with each other and that people really enjoy talking to each other. Not just because they have to because of the job, but because they want to. We get along well and have fun doing what we do. We have team lunch together every fortnight, which brings us together at our big wooden table in the office. That's just great!  

How would your new colleagues describe you?

Marko: I think they would describe me as helpful. I don't cause much trouble with my manner and almost never have problems getting along with people. I'm a reliable contact person who you can count on, who always supports you and has an open ear for questions and worries. 

Through years of working in customer service, you must have developed some routines, right? 

Marko (laughs): Good question. No, especially in this job at Invesdor, you can't adapt to standard situations and the standard way rarely works. The customer requests are very different and diverse. At Klarna, there were 5-6 main issues - you knew exactly what to do. In the new job there always pop up questions that surprise you. However, I find that exciting and good. If I can't answer something, I say so honestly and get back to the customer later with a solution. Honesty is everything in this job, especially in such situations. But you should care. In general, I like this variety very much, because you don't get bored and you're always dealing with new topics. Otherwise, it would be almost like assembly line work. Here you are challenged and always have to exchange ideas with other teams. I even find it motivating that you don't always have an immediate answer but sometimes have to search, like a Detective. (laughs again)

That sounds like a challenge every day. What do you think are the most important skills to have to succeed in customer support? 

Marko: Understanding and empathy. The most important thing is to put yourself in the customer's pain. You have to understand what is important to the client and make it your own. 
You should also be careful to give the customer the correct answer. Especially through routines, it can happen quickly that you give out standard answers often and quickly: simply out of habit - but you should always double-check whether it is still the current, correct answer. 

What do you look forward to when you go into the office in the morning and your working day begins? 

Marko: To the colleagues. I really like being here in the office. I also really enjoy working with Basti (my colleague in Customer Support). Indeed, we are on teams call all day long and only have short breaks - when a customer calls or for meetings. Otherwise, we do all our tasks together. That helps me a lot and has made it extremely easy for me to get started. 

What do you spend most of your time doing during the day? What are your favourite tasks?

Marko: At the moment it's still a lot of new learning and figuring out what things are relevant - for example for projects like Zendesk (our tool for FAQ and our investor database). My favourite tasks are email processing and project work, especially setting up new systems is fun. With email editing, you have the time to do good research and provide accurate information. Nevertheless, I like the chat and the phone as well and try to solve all questions and concerns quickly and satisfactorily. 

Invesdor is all about investing in small and medium-sized enterprises. Do you also invest money yourself? 

Marko: No - only in my children. (laughs) I didn't really have any previous knowledge, but I can definitely imagine investing in our projects myself in the future.  

Do you already have a favourite campaign?

Marko: I think Beets & Roots is great and I have already used it a few times to order my lunch. Becker's best is also a cool company because I've always known the brand and have the product in front of me all the time - in the fridge, in the supermarket, on the conference table at meetings. Juice is also a product that I personally like. And you could see from the success of the campaign that the investors appreciate a traditional company with a presence and have a lot of trust in it. So Becker's Best was able to reach the target amount quickly and we had happy investors. That is the most important thing for me. 

Now we want to find out a bit more about you privately: You work at the Germany office in Berlin. What do you like about Berlin and what do you find annoying?

Marko: I appreciate that there is always something to do and a lot to see: many museums, buildings, shopping streets etc. There is just basically a lot to experience and do. You can get everything your heart desires at any time of day. What I don't like - especially when I go to work - is the crowdedness: lots of people, high noise levels and public transport. 

What are you looking forward to at the end of your working day?

Marko: Definitely to my family, my girlfriend and my two children. :)

Written by: Invesdor




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