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Kaius Löfgren is the new Head of Sales & Deal Flow


Invesdor Insights: Kaius Löfgren is the new Head of Sales & Deal Flow

My name is Kaius Löfgren, a newcomer at Invesdor. At the beginning of the summer, I started as Head of Sales & Deal Flow at Invesdor, working on sales management and development. And what a start it was, as I also gained responsibility over managing Invesdor’s Finnish business operations in Finland at the start of August. I am loving the team as well as the opportunities!

What I first found appealing about Invesdor was the good reputation the company has built for itself and the way it challenges the traditional operators and financial circuits in the financing sector. After only a couple of months, I am convinced that coming back to the finance sector was an excellent decision. I have an MSc in Law & Economics and a long and diverse career in business. In addition to finance, I also have experience in growth companies as an entrepreneur, shareholder and advisor in Finland, and as far as Australia internationally.

I am a Helsinki-based father of two and an avid commute cyclist, reader, gamer and film enthusiast. In other words, a certified nerd. What many may not know about me is that I worked for years as an audiovisual programme classifier. With sales as an inherent part of my being, I contacted the largest film studios in the world and offered them my age-rating classification services for material in Finnish. I ended up seeing quite a few movies in the process.

Crowdfunding is an interesting, supplementary financing choice for companies. As a former growth company entrepreneur, I am no stranger to the pain that finding investors and funding can often be. Invesdor connects high-quality growth companies and tens of thousands of international investors. Who else is there in the sector who can do the same?

At Invesdor, my competencies in strategic planning, sales and negotiation skills are put to use. Many of the alumni who procured funding through us have turned out to be soaring success stories, and my job is to find more of these prospects from a wide range of industries for all you hungry investors.

I foresee the importance of crowdfunding growing significantly. This would lead to more and more growth companies viewing us as a viable alternative for loans and a chance to expand the ownership base. That would also open up an increasing number of good opportunities for investors to hop on board growth companies in their early stages.

We at Invesdor are currently preparing to take a big leap forward with the aim of making crowdfunding more appealing and strengthening the direct international investment channel. There are also highly interesting rounds of financing for sustainable development and health/medtech in the pipeline. Stay tuned and keep in touch with us for your financing needs!

Kind regards,

Kaius Löfgren

Image: Studio Arkadia

Written by: Invesdor

Kaius Löfgren



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