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Invesdor Group operates in the Nordics and the DACH region. We arrange funding rounds on our platforms at and in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria and Germany. Invesdor offers three types of funding rounds: share issues, bond and convertible bond rounds.

In a share issue, a company issues shares on our platform. Investors can subscribe to the shares to become shareholders of the company.

To qualify for an equity round, a business should be a limited liability company (or equivalent, depending on your country) and have positive growth prospects.

An equity round can also be a good way to raise funding if your company has a loyal fanbase and networks who want to support you and invest in you.

Investors purchase the bonds of the company that's raising the funding. The bonds are investments for a specific term, e.g. five years.

The investors do not become shareholders, but the company pays them interest for the bond sum and the full sum at the end of the bond's term.

In order for a company to qualify for a bond round, it should have an established business, a positive cashflow and at least €5m in annual revenue.

A convertible bond round can be an option for companies looking for bridge funding before the next equity round, for example if the market is not right for an equity issue right now.

Bondholders are paid a fixed interest rate until the bonds are converted into shares. Investors often expect to gain a discount on the company valuation on convertible bond rounds.

Our convertible bond products are designed to meet the needs of both small companies expecting strong growth as well as established companies interested in long-term debt.

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"Working together was very smooth, easy, and precise. Our Invesdor account manager was just great and we received good support from her with our pitch. The framework we got was clear and we received plenty of data and guidance on building the campaign."


Heidi Hurskainen, Prasos



In addition, our technological solutions are available to financial companies through our Platform-as-a-Service (a.k.a. PaaS) product.

Digitalize your funding service

Become a PaaS partner and make use of Invesdor's tried and tested technology. Your company’s investment service is quickly digitalized and tailored to match your brand.

Easy investing for your crowd

Our platform solution makes sure that your digital investment service is within your audience’s reach all the time and from nearly anywhere in the world. All they need is an online access.

An effective process for you

When your company uses our ready digital process, it means less labour-intensive work for your team. They will be able to focus on the funding campaign; we’ll handle the tech and the admin.

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What makes digital fundraising a great choice?

Our fundraising rounds offer several benefits to companies:

  • Our easy-to-use digital platform allows any of your supporters to invest: make the most of your network
  • Your company gets visibility among our investor community of institutional and retail investors and business angels
  • Actively market your success story, track record and future plans through many channels, including newsletters, social media and media relations
  • You have a great opportunity to learn and train your capabilities of digital fundraising if you're planning to list on the stock market in the future

Our team is also there to provide professional support and guidance on crafting a successful digital campaign.  We help you tailor the round to your needs and also offer our Ownersportal service for your cap table management and post-round communication with shareholders.

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