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Starting soon: Invesdor Crowdinvesting

With over 328 million euros of brokered capital in over 530 projects and over 126,000 registered users, we have already been able to support many successful companies. Thanks to you.

And this year is also off to a good start: since February 2022, we have been offering our investment opportunities in four languages on the fully self-developed, international platform. You - our investors - have already invested more than 20 million euros this year. You can choose from a wide range of company types, products and projects - from start-ups to medium-sized businesses, from equity to loans.

With three offices in Helsinki, Berlin and Vienna, we are increasingly playing to our strengths as a pan-European provider. And that is just the beginning...

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We will already offer you the opportunity to invest in Invesdor this summer.

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Invesdor in numbers

over 328,000,000 euros

over 530

over 126,000

3 countries: Finland, Germany, Austria

Crossing borders: for a strong, sustainable Europe

We are certain that the economic and geopolitical importance of Europe will continue to crystallise even more strongly. We are actively advocating for this in our daily work as well as at the political level.

With the new, uniform rules on crowdfunding (keyword ECSP), the EU is making a clear statement on the strengthening of European markets and the promotion of crowdinvesting. The EU legislation simplifies access to international projects while simultaneously simplifying processes for people who invest money - and also for companies. We are already European, and therefore will be able to take advantage of these opportunities better than platforms that are only based in one country.

We look forward to working with you to make the European economy even stronger, more sustainable and more successful in the future.

European at heart - Investor's offices: Vienna, Berlin, Helsinki

Earn annual interest, become a real shareholder

You will soon be able to invest in Invesdor in the form of a convertible bond. For as little as 250 euros you will be able to invest in our company. Specifically, you will acquire a tokenised convertible bond with an annual interest rate of eight percent. The subscription period will start soon, and the short term will be three years.

You will automatically become a shareholder if we do an IPO or if another large financing round takes place. Otherwise, you can decide for yourself whether you want to be repaid the bonds including the annual eight percent interest or become a shareholder of the Invesdor Group.

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The Invesdor crowdinvesting

Summer 2022

250 euros

8 %

3 years

IPO, large financing round

20 %

Your questions about the Invesdor Crowdinvesting round

To help you get the best possible overview of our crowdinvesting offer, we are happy to answer your questions.

Simply send your questions by e-mail to or use our chat directly.

Invesdor is a Eurocrowd platform member.

Ausgezeichnet als Top-Innovator 2021

Winner of the top innovator 2021 award.

Ausgezeichnet als Top-Innovator 2021

Code of Conduct of the Professional Association of Financial Service Providers of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ).

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