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Fluentic Oy

Invesdor Alumni

Rethink your customer communication without language barriers and with less human resources

Marketing content

Why invest in Fluentic

Forerunner in the AI/LLM revolution, opportunity to revolutionize customer service communication without language barriers.

Proven, scalable SaaS business model with a high gross margin.

The aim is to achieve positive cash flow during 2024.

Well-known global customers with high retention and customer satisfaction in delivering real business value with AI.

Well-aligned sales and marketing channels with a strong B2B sales pipeline to deliver growth.

First name last name, position

„Fluentic aims to be Europe’s largest AI translation platform offering a real-time customer service without language barriers for Salesforce and Zendesk users by the end of 2025.

The platform, powered by advanced AI and machine learning, enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction while fostering global communication and is already in use by global customers. 

Welcome to the revolution of customer service!"

Mikko Räty, CEO

Investment information

Equity offering
Invested so far:
Equity offered:
8.00 – 33.20 %
Price per share:
min investment 50 shares
Number of existing shares:
Fully diluted shares:
Pre-money valuation:
Offered units:
Funding purpose:
Invesdor GmbH


Company profile

Incorporated in Helsinki, Finland in 2007 as Transfluent, the company was a trailblazer in translation technology development. In 2021, rebranded as Fluentic, dedicating the efforts to advancing AI-based multilingual solution. 

Fluentic's Multilingual Translation AI solution creates quality translations using its own machine learning capabilities and the best translation technologies from the market. The unique capabilities ensure that the customer's tone of voice and custom terminology is correctly translated with easy-to-use and minimal effort from the customer. Fluentic supports 80 languages. 

Fluentic seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and Zendesk, leading global platforms for customer service capabilities, positioning the company to capture a vast market share among organizations utilizing these platforms. The potential market is substantial, given the widespread adoption of these platforms across various industries. 

Fluentic has already enabled several global leading customers to operate its customer service more efficiently with fewer staff, while significantly improving customer satisfaction and enabling rapid, effective global communication without language barriers.


Fluentic offers a forward-thinking product that identifies and addresses challenges in the global market - providing effective and efficient multilingual customer service. The product is an AI-powered solution that uses machine learning and natural language processing capabilities to deliver real-time translations and customer support in a multitude of languages in Salesforce and Zendesk platforms. 

This revolutionary technology alleviates the burden of multilingual service from businesses while streamlining customer interactions and reducing the need for extensive human intervention. Fluentic's competitive edge lies in its expert language proficiency, robust automated process, and efficient operational flow. 

Fluentic stand

The subscription model is geared toward usage, which accommodates the extensive demands of large enterprises. This structure not only guarantees consistent revenue streams, but also ensures scalability for clients.

From a potential customer's perspective, Fluentic offers a simplified and streamlined method of handling multilingual customer support. The AI-powered solution translates foreign-language queries, manages customer interactions, and even assists with post-resolution activities. The existing customers have attested to the proven benefits of the service, such as reduced operational costs due to less need for multilingual staff, and enhanced customer satisfaction due to swift, personalised, language-specific support. This makes Fluentic indispensable, presenting a guarantee of considerable operational efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and notable cost savings.

Fluentic stand

To get an idea of how some of our services work in action, please
see the following videos:


Business model

Fluentic operates on a subscription-based business model with usage-based pricing. The financial strategy yields profit margins of over 80%, demonstrating the robustness and effectiveness of the operations. The primary sources of revenue stem from paid subscriptions to the software and services, thus creating a recurring revenue stream and helping the company maintain a healthy profit margin. Fluentic is primarily focused on the North and Central European markets, specifically targeting medium to enterprise-level companies. The charted pinpoints of these regions were chosen due to their high-density establishment of business organisations who are seen as potential clientele. The application is available in Zendesk Marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange (similar to Apple’s App Store) which have global reach.

The most important customers include prominent names such as Finnair, Oura, Multitude Bank, and Brompton Bicycles, while the platform is extensively supported by AWS. However, the backbone of the business model is the strong relationships that are built with the customers and suppliers. The negotiating position is rooted in the unique values and services that Fluentic offers, continuously meeting the customers needs and expectations.

The marketing approach is a blend of digital marketing and face-to-face client meetups at events. The global reach of Salesforce and Zendesk marketplaces significantly amplifies the market presence. Furthermore, the strategic partnership with Salesforce Sales organisation in the Nordics and Central Europe has fortified the marketing approach. The solution's features have been prominently showcased at Salesforce Events in Salesforce’s own Service Cloud demo booths, granting Fluentic considerable exposure in all the Nordic countries.

In conclusion, the business model revolves around subscription-based revenue, striking a strategic balance between digital and interpersonal marketing approaches and fostering robust relationships with key customers and suppliers. Leveraging these factors, the company aims to cement its position in the market and expand its footprint across Europe.


Fluentic is operating in a global market where organizations are leveraging Salesforce or Zendesk for Customer Service operations. With an overall customer service and support market size of approximately $33.5 billion in 2022 (source), the industry projects continuous growth, with Gartner anticipating an increase to $38.9 billion by 2027 (source).

The geographic focus is Europe, but Fluentic already has an existing customer base in the USA as well. This gives access to the majority of the applicable market. Fluentic enjoys an enviable position especially in the North European but also Central European markets due to its unique competitive advantages and lack of local competition. The company owns an established business model that is time-consuming and complex to mimic, and the in-depth expertise in translation technologies and customer services sets Fluentic apart. The key relationships with Salesforce staff in these markets, crafted over years of collaboration, also provide an unbeatable edge. Moreover, the comprehensive understanding of, and the invaluable data Fluentic holds on to, these markets substantially increase the market position. Therefore, thanks to these distinctive attributes, Fluentic confidently carries a market-leading position in North and Central Europe.



Mikko Räty

Mikko Räty


Mikko started working at Fluentic in 2019. He was previously working as a Country Lead at Deloitte Digital Finland, as a Marketing Strategy Director at Nordic Morning and he is the founder of Seed Digital Media.


Anssi Ruokonen

Anssi Ruokonen

CPO & AI-lead

Anssi started working at Fluentic in 2019. He was previously working as a COO at Transfluent, as a Principal Consultant at Nordic Morning and as Head of production at Seed Digital Media. Anssi is a Doctoral Researcher studying artificial moral agency in the University of Helsinki. 


Tomi Heiskanen

Tomi Heiskanen

CTO & Co-founder

Tomi started working at Transfluent /Fluentic in 2007 and is the founder of the company. Previously he worked as a software developer at Ideawire, ii2 media and Ateco.

Distribution of company shares




1 VisionPlus Fund I Ky 250 875 49,9 %
2 Innovestor Kasvurahasto I Ky 48 866 9,7 %
3 Asko Schrey 40 318 8,0 %
4 Mikko Räty 25 155 5,0 %
5 Kari Karvinen 15 027 3,0 %
6 Ari Backholm 13 511 2,7 %
7 Tomi Heiskanen 12 639 2,5 %
8 Jani Penttinen 7 482 1,5 %
9 Juha Helppi 6 268 1,2 %
10 Other shareholders (256) 82 899 16,5 %
TOTAL 503 040 100%

Use of funds

Icon 1

Scenario I

(up to € 2,000,000 collected in the financing round)

  • With the maximum investment, Fluentic is able to accelerate the growth substantially and reach break-even. The  target markets are expanded to also include Southern Europe in addition to the existing focus areas. This expansion provides Fluentic with an even broader client base, leading to increased revenue streams. The additional funds are also allocated towards the continuous improvement of the products and the development of new offerings aligned with customer needs. 

Icon 2

Scenario II

(up to €1,200,000 collected in the financing round)

  • In this scenario, Fluentic receive 60 % of the maximum target investment, which enables the company to accelerate the product development by hiring additional personnel. This leads to more efficient operations and faster time-to-market. The company also increase its marketing efforts, notably in Western Europe. Targeted countries include the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, and France. The greater visibility in these markets helps Fluentic to gain more traction and client engagement. 

Icon 3

Scenario III

(up to €350,000 collected in the financing round)

  • Reaching the minimum target investment allows Fluentic to confidently continue operations and gradually develop the offerings. Fluentic focuses on closing new cases and developing products with a customer-centric approach. Fluentic could sustain and increase its client base, ensuring that the products and services continue to meet their evolving needs.

Financial figures & growth

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Icon Money

Based on the current detailed sales pipeline, ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) estimates have been made for 2024-2027. 

The company’s value has been calculated as 4 x ARR for each year. The valuations of each year have been discounted to the present at a 40% annual rate. The company's Post-Money valuation has been calculated to be €5.8M from the averages of these valuations. The Pre-Money valuation of €4M is based on the Post-Money valuation subtracted by the estimated €1.5M investment need (with a 30% discount, the Pre-Money valuation would be €5.8M).

Exit scenarios

Icon 1

Trade sale to Salesforce, Zendesk or their consulting partner who wants to integrate Fluentic's multilingual communication platform and features into their service offerings and/or expand their customer base.

Icon 2

Trade sale to a global Customer Service Outsourcing company or global Translation Agency seeking to digitalise their offering.

Icon 3

IPO on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange.


Investment related documents

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In this update section you will find, among other things, answers to investor questions that reach us. The answers shown originate from the respective entrepreneur and are therefore marked accordingly. Invesdor does not undertake any separate verification of the information received after the start of the financing phase.

If you have any questions about the company, send them directly to us at

Update 1.12.2023

Q&A from investors

1. There is a revenue growth forecast of 60, 150 and 120 percent for the years 2024-2026. What is the growth forecast specifically based on?

The projected future revenue relies on the evolution of the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) of existing customers for the upcoming 24 months. In addition, the forecast considers new sales of the impact of over 300 opportunities in the sales pipeline and their MRR progression over the same 24-month period from the closing time.

2. In relation to projected revenue growth: it is stated that capital raised will be invested in product development by hiring additional staff, while FTE will only grow in 2025 (staff numbers will be more or less the same in 2024 and will grow in 2025/2026 to +38% vs. 2023 - while labor costs will only increase by 16% (2026 vs 2023). Where is the capital raised invested and is the growth in wage costs not underestimated?

No substantial hiring is required, and the raised capital will primarily be allocated to enhance sales and marketing initiatives. A potential addition of 1-2 individuals for product development may be considered, focusing mainly on support roles such as testing and improving translation quality.

Update 30.11.2023: Fluentic's customers are happy to use the service

The most important customers include prominent names such as Finnair, Oura, Multitude Bank, and Brompton Bicycles. The backbone of Fluentic's business model is the strong relationships that are built with the customers and suppliers. 

“The Fluentic team has proven to be leaders in their industry and developed a solution that allows companies across industry borders to incorporate artificial intelligence into their customer service. Clients such as Oura and Finnair speak volumes about their capabilities and the quality of their products. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.”

-Hannu Jungman, Partner at Innovestor and investor in Fluentic.

“I believe that the winners in the much-hyped AI industry will be the companies that solve real problems for actual customers and bring them added value they are prepared to pay for. Fluentic is exactly this kind of company and its timing is perfect to utilise the rapid development of artificial intelligence to improve the customer services of its customers.

Mikko and the entire Fluentic team have an excellent mind set to get things done with the right focus. The list of satisfied customers keeps getting longer and they make fluent use of Salesforce as a channel.”

-Ari Backholm, CTO at SEVEN Networks and investor in Fluentic

Update 27.11.2023

Exit scenarios updated on the pitch page and in the KIIS. 

Update 23.11.2023 

Showing artificial intelligence the ropes from 15 years of translation experience

In customer communication, the translation quality is of utmost importance, especially with enterprise companies in difficult domains like finance and manufacturing.  Fluentic's 15 years of experience from translation industry together with its unique capabilities to teach these to the AI ensures that the translations are correct. Using Fluentic, these companies can rest assured that all of their terminology and critical messaging is translated correctly, without hallucinations, something services like Google Translate or ChatGPT cannot ensure.

“Fluentic Oy has developed its own AI-based system that helps companies translate customer service messages into a large number of languages. This revolutionises the way in which companies provide digital customer service, resulting in considerable savings in the process. The system makes use of various translation services, such as Google, Bing of ChatGPT, and picks the best translations, thereby increasing the quality. It also operates faster and consumes less energy. What’s more, the Fluentic system learns the terms used by the companies and utilises earlier messages, which makes the translations even more accurate.”

– Jari Tuovinen, Chairman of the board and investor

Demand for reliable, quality translations is growing

According to Gartner, the size of the target market is nearly $39 billion by 2027. Based on our experience, especially industries with complex and highly technical content and who are transforming to digital customer service channels, currently require translation partners that deliver high translation quality. This perspective is reinforced by our success in November, as we secured two major global industrial organizations as clients.

“From the board's perspective, the satisfaction among our existing clients appears to be high, a sentiment echoed by our distribution partners, who have been instrumental in rapidly building an impressive sales pipeline. Although these are enterprise-level prospects, the great interest seems to be moving sales processes forward at a good pace. I believe that soon we will start to have significant statistics about the closing cycles. For these reasons, I have marked an additional 100,000 euros worth of shares."

– Asko Schrey, investor

Why invest in Fluentic

  • Highly scalable SaaS solution to streamline and improve customer service by real-time translating communication.
  • Fluentic’s service is validated by well-known, global customers and can be integrated in major platforms like SalesForce and Zendesk.
  • Gross margin of 80% and expected positive cash flow in 2024. Strong B2B sales pipeline to deliver two-digit annual growth.
  • Opportunity to invest at an attractive share price alongside other professional investors.
  • Various exit opportunities within 3-5 years.

Update 16.11.2023

Answer to a question from an investor regarding Fluentic Oy:s financials

At the end of October, Fluentic's turnover was €357k, including the subsidiary €565k.

The subsidiary EBITDA was -633k€ and EBIT -1.05M€.

Update 13.11.2023

Fluentic's major shareholders and Members of the Board of Directors have made anchor investments worth EUR 340 000 to this financing round.

Ausgezeichnet als Top-Innovator 2021

Ausgezeichnet als Top-
Innovator 2021.

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