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Loop Biotech


World’s first mushroom coffin that enriches nature

Marketing content

Bob Hendriks, Fouder & CEO Loop Biotech

"Are you waste, or compost? My passion lies with nature, and my ultimate goal is to give humanity a positive footprint. In searching for answers in nature, I discovered mycelium, the root network of mushrooms and nature's greatest recycler. This discovery formed the foundation of our company, aimed at creating a new generation of products that actually enrich the earth. After two years of laying the foundation with an intensive focus on our technology, production processes and penetrating the market, the time has come to seriously scale up and experience commercial growth. This is your chance to become part of our mission, to make a positive impact and make a good return. So choose today. Are you waste, or compost?"

Bob Hendrikx, Founder & CEO of Loop Biotech

Investment information

Equity offering
Invested so far:
Equity offered:
9.59 – 16.67 %
Price per share:
min investment 3 shares
Number of existing shares:
Fully diluted shares:
Pre-money valuation:
Offered units:
Oneplanetcrowd International B.V

Why to invest

Innovative and Sustainable Product: The 'Loop Coffin' is an eco-friendly, global leader in sustainable burial with patented mycelium technology.

Strong Market Position and Demand:  The 'Loop Coffin' boasts strong market demand, exclusive contracts with major European funeral homes, and over 1,000 users, benefiting from growing interest in natural burials and sustainability.

Financial Health and Growth Trajectory: Revenue has grown by 90-200% yearly, with a projected 250% increase this year. Improvements in product and processes, plus hiring sales experts, aim to scale growth across the Netherlands and Europe.

Experienced Team and Reputable Backing: Loop Biotech's team combines fresh talent with seasoned entrepreneurs like Shawn Harris and partnerships like Limbraco International, plus investor Pieter Schoen, setting a solid base for rapid expansion.

Market Size and Exit Potential: The growing market for eco-friendly funerals and clear exit strategies, backed by peer success, presents substantial investment potential.


Company profile

Are you ready to redefine life after death? We are the founders of Loop Biotech, a fast growing scale up based in the the Netherlands, growing mushroom coffins that enrich nature rather than deplete it. Inspired by the natural recycling power of mycelium discovered during research at the Technical University of Delft, we've created a solution to transform the way we think about our final footprint. Traditional end-of-life processes contribute to material depletion, CO2 emissions, and soil pollution. But what if we could turn our last act into a gift to the earth?

Our vision has already captured global attention, leading to more than 1,000 lives celebrated and returned to the earth in Europe, strategic partnerships with major funeral homes, and over 2.5 million in investment to scale our impact. Join us in this journey as we expand, turning nature’s graveyard into forests, and leaving a legacy that truly lasts. Because with Loop Biotech, life after death isn’t just an idea—it’s a beautiful, sustainable reality.

Company Info 

Company name: Loop B.V.
Managing Director/
Bob Hendrikx
Business ID number: 81044429
Founding Year: 2020

Vulcanusweg 279
2624 AV Delft
The Netherlands

Industry: Sustainability/Biotech/Funeral Industry
Number of employees: 18
Social Media:


Products and services

We at Loop Biotech have invented the world's first mushroom coffin that empowers us to enrich life after death. Grown in just 7 days from local mushrooms and upcycled hemp fiber. These patented, award-winning, 100% natural, fully biodegradable products don’t just reduce harm; they actively feed our earth, increasing biodiversity and enabling new life to flourish.

Loop Living Cocoon™

The Loop Living Cocoon™ is the world’s first mushroom coffin that enriches nature by biodegrading in just 45 days and giving our nutrients back in the most natural way. The Loop Living Cocoon™ is grown in just 7 days in our growing facility in Delft, The Netherlands, from local mushroom species and upcycled hemp fibers. This makes it 100% natural and GreenLeave certified. The Cocoon comes with a soft bed of moss as standard, there is a lining option with GOTs certified fabric. The Cocoon is certified for traditional burials, cremations, and especially natural burials.

Loop Living Cocoon

Loop EarthRise™
The Loop EarthRise™ is an urn grown from mushrooms that enables you to become a source for new life. Use the Loop EarthRise™ as a unique ornament at home, or let it flourish as a tree in your garden or at a graveyard by choosing one of our plants. The Loop EarthRise™ biodegrades in just 45 days and gives our nutrients back in the most natural way.

Loop EarthRise

Loop Voucher

A Loop Voucher allows you to plan your eco-friendly final farewell in advance with a Loop Living Cocoon™. It eases the burden on loved ones and supports environmental conservation. By purchasing, you receive a personalized certificate, join the Loop community, and can decide the delivery time of your sustainable end-of-life product. This choice ensures your preferences are honored while contributing to a greener planet.

Loop Voucher

Business model

Loop Biotech team

Our business model targets large funeral homes and distributors in Northern Europe and the USA for B2B partnerships, alongside direct consumer engagement via our webshop and voucher system to boost brand visibility and product experience.

Introducing Our Innovative Product: We at Loop Biotech introduced the world's first mushroom coffin, a pioneering Dutch innovation aimed at making funeral practices more sustainable. This product aligns with the global trend towards environmental consciousness.

Our Strategic Focus on Global Distribution: We aim to establish a strong global presence, focusing on Northern Europe and the USA, regions known for their receptiveness to sustainable solutions. Our strategy involves leveraging the networks of large funeral homes and distributors to facilitate our mushroom coffins' distribution.

Forging B2B Partnerships: Our approach to market penetration includes forging B2B partnerships with key funeral homes and distributors to scale our distribution. These alliances allow us to leverage their market presence, enhancing our product's introduction to consumers.

Engaging Directly with Consumers: We also engage consumers directly through our online webshop and a voucher system, integral to our D2C strategy. This allows consumers to purchase our coffins directly or use vouchers, enriching the product experience and increasing brand visibility.

Synergizing B2B and D2C for Market Expansion: By combining B2B and D2C strategies, we aim to expand our market presence, promote sustainable funeral practices, and connect deeply with consumers. This dual approach positions Loop Biotech at the forefront of the sustainable funeral movement.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or 'Global Goals') are part of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and constitute the international framework for sustainable development until 2030. These SDGs are intended to put an end to poverty, inequality, and climate change.

By aligning with these SDGs, Loop Biotech demonstrates a holistic commitment to sustainability, innovation, and responsible growth, contributing significantly to global efforts in environmental conservation, sustainable economic development, and building resilient communities.

SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Loop Biotech actively embodies SDG 12 by growing biodegradable coffins from local sustainable materials, demonstrating a commitment to responsible consumption and production. Their innovative method reduces environmental impact and supports circular economy principles, ensuring their products not only return harmlessly to the earth but also have a positive footprint.

SDG 13 Climate Action

Loop Biotech's mushroom coffins contribute to climate mitigation by lowering CO2 emissions. These biodegradable solutions encourage sustainable practices, highlighting an impactful approach to reduce the environmental footprint of funeral services.

SDG 15 Clean Water and Sanitation

By introducing compostable coffins, Loop Biotech aids in soil enrichment and biodiversity. Their products align with efforts to conserve, restore, and sustainably use terrestrial ecosystems, emphasizing the company's commitment to protecting life on land.


Family around Loop EarthRise

Loop Living Cocoon funeral

The global traditional funeral industry, worth over $110 billion in 2022 and projected at $190 billion in 2030, is transitioning towards sustainability, driven by increasing demands for eco-friendly burial options. This trend, growing annually by 5-10% as per the Global Funeral Services Market Report 2023-2028, is where our innovative products, the Loop Living Cocoon™ and Loop Earthrise™, come in. They offer premium, affordable, and eco-conscious alternatives that not only honor the deceased but also benefit the planet, aligning with the values of environmentally conscious consumers.

We've established ourselves as leaders in the emerging sustainable funeral market by transforming traditional practices with our unique, award-winning product portfolio—the only market offerings with a positive environmental impact. Through patents, trademarks, and strategic partnerships, we've ensured our solutions remain distinctive and expanded our reach. Our efforts are more than just participation in this shift; we're leading the movement towards a more sustainable future in the enormous funeral industry.



Bob Hendrikx, Founder & CEO

Bob Hendrikx


Bob Hendrikx, 30, is the founder and CEO of Loop Biotech, revolutionizing sustainability through biodesign and mycelium technology. His education at the Delft University of Technology laid the foundation for his innovative pursuits, which have been recognized with the title of VICE's Human of the Year. Hendrikx's impactful work, furthered by his engagement with the MIT Media Lab, blends academic insight with practical solutions for our planet. Hendrikx's mission is to fundamentally transform humanity’s impact on the earth, striving for a future where we leave a positive footprint.


Lonneke Westhoff, COO/CFO

Lonneke Westhoff


Lonneke Westhoff, aged 29, is an innovative entrepreneur and the co - founder of Loop Biotech, holding a distinguished background from the Technical University of Delft. She is currently combining the roles of CFO and COO, meaning that she ensures a stable organization, smooth operations, and strong financial strategies for growth. She’s passionate about connecting with and empowering female entrepreneurs.


Shawn Harris, Board Member

Shawn Harris

Board Member

Shawn Harris is an investor and entrepreneur, best known for founding Nature's Pride, a company that became a benchmark in the produce industry. Building on her success, she later established Orange Wings Investments, a unique venture capital fund that offers portfolio companies a broad range of advice and support in building their business. Notably, Shawn also graced the screens as a 'Dragon' on the television show Dragons' Den for three seasons. Shawn's approach to business is rooted in her passion and belief in the potential of innovative ideas. Her career is a testament to the power of commitment and the impact of strong, supportive leadership in the entrepreneurial landscape.


Pieter Schoen, Board Member

Pieter Schoen

Board Member

Pieter Schoen is an investor and entrepreneur, recognized for co - founding the Dutch energy company NLE (Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij), which he led to great success. With a keen eye for promising business ventures, he supports and invests in startups, guiding them toward growth and success with his company Shoe Investments.

Distribution of company shares

Distribution of shares

Loop Biotech's share distribution showcases a strategic alignment of interests among its key stakeholders, ensuring a solid foundation for its operational and strategic decisions. The majority stake of 59.28% is held by Force For Good, a collaboration between Bob Hendrikx, the CEO, and Lonneke Westhoff, the COO/CFO. “This significant shareholding grants them primary influence over the company's direction, enabling effective guidance of its growth and development.

Further investment in Loop Biotech is represented by Orange Wings Investments, which holds a 25.63% stake. This investment is backed by Shawn Harris, a prominent board member, underscoring the firm's commitment to Loop Biotech's vision and its potential for impact. Additionally, Pieter Schoen's stake of 13.13% further emphasizes the confidence and support from seasoned investors in the company's mission and strategic objectives.

This distribution of shares ensures that Loop Biotech is supported by a blend of visionary leadership and experienced investment, poised for future advancements and successes.

Company structure

You are investing in Loop B.V..

Use of funds

The proceeds from the current financing round are strategically allocated to fuel our growth and operational efficiency, with a clear focus on commercial expansion, market penetration, and production capabilities.

Here's how we plan to utilize the funds:

Commercial Growth: A significant portion of the investment will be channeled towards accelerating our commercial growth. This includes expanding our sales team by hiring experienced personnel with a proven track record in the funeral industry. These efforts are aimed at increasing our revenue streams and solidifying our market position globally.

Create B2C Pull & B2B Push: To further boost our revenue and market presence, we are investing increating a strong pull from consumers (B2C) and push towards businesses (B2B). We will invest indigital and physical marketing to accelerate consumer demand and strengthen business relationships.This includes online advertisement and innovative marketing materials like Loop Discovery Boxes and Loop Kits for interactive product experiences.

Factory CAPEX Investments: To support our growth in production capacity and enhance operational efficiencies, a portion of the proceeds will be dedicated to capital expenditures (CAPEX) in our factory. These improvements aim to not only increase our production capacity to meet growing demand but also to increase our gross margin, decrease our production costs, and make our sustainable solutions more accessible.

Icon 1

Maximum Scenario

(Maximum funding of €2,000,250 collected in the financing round)

  • Commercial Growth: 35% (€700K) on among others experienced sales personnel, international marketexpansion, and (international) funeral fairs.
  • Create B2C Pull & B2B Push: 15% (€300K) on among others digital marketing, printed matter, innovative marketing tools, visiting non-funeral events and Loop exposition kits.
  • Factory CAPEX Investments: 50% (€1M) on among others advanced climate room technology, an automated washing street for cleaning molds, hygiene enhancements, and other machinery such asconveyor belts.

Icon 2

Minimum Scenario

(Minimum funding of €1,000,125 collected in the financing round)

Despite €1M less funding, we're set for strong growth. We'll first seize easy market wins, then upgrade the factory smartly, ensuring our capital works harder. This strategic shift keeps us on track toward our goals, preserving investor value with our adjusted financial plan.

  • Commercial Growth: 35% (€350K) on experienced sales personnel, and international market expansion
  • Create B2C Pull & B2B Push: 15% (€150K),-on digital marketing, printed matter, and visiting non-funeral events.
  • Factory CAPEX Investments: 50% (€500K) on advanced climate room technology and hygiene enhancements.

Financial figures & growth

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Icon Money

March 2024:

  • Pre money valuation: €10M
  • Expected Round: €2M

DCF Valuation

A Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation indicates a value of €14.4 million. This valuation is based on a Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) of 35% and a perpetual growth rate of 7%.

Historical Valuation:

Last Investment Round: In April 2023, Loop Biotech BV's post-money valuation was €8 million. Since then, the valuation has increased by €2 million, reflecting new developments and milestones achieved by the company.

  • Product Expansion: The launch of 3 new products with a scalable mold system suggests innovation and expansion of the product line, enhancing the company's market offering.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Exclusive and long-lasting partnerships with Suppliers demonstrate strategic alliances, potentially offering competitive advantages and access to new technologies.
  • Operational Efficiency: Professionalization of the growing facility to scale up to 1000 Loop Living Cocoons™ and 3000 Loop EarthRises™ per month reflects increased production capabilities.
  • International Growth: Establishing partnerships in Austria, Belgium, France, and Germany indicates international expansion and market penetration.
  • Customer Impact: Having enriched nature for over 1000 customers showcases market acceptance and positive social impact.
  • Team Development: Bolstering the team with 18 experienced employees, including a Key Account Manager with significant industry experience, illustrates an investment in human capital and readiness for commercial growth.

Loop Biotech BV has received funding through two notable rounds, with the support coming from both individual investors and investment entities, each time coinciding with significant milestones for the company.

In February 2022, Loop Biotech BV secured its initial funding of €1 million from Shoe Investments and Orange Wings Investments after appearing on "Dragons Den," resulting in a post-money valuation of € 3.3 million. This followed significant achievements, including winning the Philips Innovation Award, launching the second version of their product, and gaining media coverage from major outlets, which helped increase revenue from € 25.000 in 2020 to € 73.000 in 2021.

A follow-up funding round in April 2023, exclusively with Orange Wings Investments, raised another € 1 million, taking the company's valuation to € 8 million post-money. Prior to this, Loop Biotech BV had broadened its scope through partnerships with top Dutch funeral companies and started expanding abroad, alongside operational advancements such as a new facility and doubling its team size while serving 350 customers at that time.

Currently, Loop Biotech is engaged in this financial round with the objective of achieving a positive EBITDA in the existing factory, which is poised to meet the demand in Northern Europe for the upcoming years. This step is crucial for consolidating operations and ensuring sustainable growth within the current capacity.

However, in alignment with the company's long-term strategic goals, they are ambitious about expanding their production capabilities. Loop's vision includes opening new factories in other parts of Europe and Northern America from 2026 that will allow them to grow products using local organic materials, enhancing both the sustainability of their offerings and the efficiency of the distribution network. The establishment of these new facilities is seen as a pivotal phase in the company's expansion strategy, designed to cater to increasing market demand and to support their commitment to environmental stewardship. Financing for these new factories could be sought through equity funding or traditional financing methods. This approach provides Loop with the flexibility to choose the most advantageous financing strategy that aligns with their growth trajectory and market conditions at the time of expansion.

Exit scenarios

Our exit plan is designed with flexibility and strategic foresight, acknowledging the dynamic nature of our industry and the innovative essence of our business. We have identified multiple viable exit options, each offering a unique pathway to realize the value we've created and to ensure the continued growth and impact of our sustainable solutions. These options include:

Icon 1

Scenario 1: Strategic Acquisition
In the long term, a strategic sale to a larger company in the funeral or sustainability industry could be a pathway. This would allow us to integrate our operations into a broader platform, ensuring continued innovation and reach.

Icon 2

Scenario 2: Public Listing

An IPO, particularly in the U.S. market, which shows vast growth potential and where we have received significant demand, could be considered when the company is mature and market conditions are favorable. This strategic move would not only provide liquidity but also elevate our brand profile significantly.

Icon 3

Scenario 3: Vertical Integration

An acquisition by a partner from the funeral industry may provide a seamless transition that benefits from our established brand and innovative products. This would be a natural extension for a partner seeking vertical integration.

In each case, we are committed to maximizing stakeholder value and will consider exit scenarios only when the time is right. Currently, our unwavering commitment is to the growth and expansion of our business.



>= €2,500

  • 1 x Loop  "I am Compost" T-Shirt

Investors will receive an exclusive, sustainable "I am Compost" Loop T - shirt as a token of appreciation and a symbol of our commitment to environmental sustainability. This unique item serves as both a conversation starter and a representation of our mission.


>= €12,500

  • 1x Loop 'I am Compost' T-Shirt
  • 1x Behind the scenes tour

Investors will be treated to an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Loop Growing Facility and participate in a "Mycelium Growing Workshop."


>= €25,000

  • 1x Loop 'I am Compost' T-Shirt
  • 1x Behind-the-Scenes Tour 
  • 1x Voucher Loop Living Cocoon™

Investors will receive a voucher for a Loop Living Cocoon™, our innovative and eco-friendly product. This voucher can be used either for personal use or gifted to someone else.


>= €50,000

  • 4x Loop 'I am Compost' T-Shirt
  • 4x Voucher Loop Living Cocoon
  • 1x Behind-the-Scenes Tour 
  • 1 Special and sustainable dinner in our factory with the company founders and Shawn Harris

Experience the Loop Family Pack, where sustainability meets family bonding. It's a chance for your family to connect with nature and each other.

*Bonuses will only be awarded to investors when the investment project is finalised and after the financed amount has been paid out to the company, approximately 4 weeks after the financing is closed.

-----End of marketing content-----

The respective minimum and maximum target amount is stated in the KIIS. The amounts shown on the pitch page also include the investments of the anchor investors, who have subscribed for direct shares of the project owner under the same conditions.

The number of the existing shares refers to the number of shares after the split of shares as stated in the KIIS.


Investment related documents

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UPDATE 28-03-2024: Shawn Harris thoughts on why Loop Biotech is an exciting investment opportunity

Shawn Harris, from Orange Wings Investments, one of Loop's esteemed partners, would like to share her thoughts on why Loop Biotech is an exciting investment opportunity. She underscores the potential and value of joining their mission. Shawn is an impact investor and entrepreneur, best known for founding Nature's Pride, a company that became a benchmark in the production industry.

UPDATE 28-03-2024: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to the FAQ section of Loop Biotech's crowd funding campaign. As a forward-thinking company with a commitment to improving our planet, we are currently raising €2 million through the crowdfunding platform Invesdor. We understand that potential investors have several questions and we are here to answer them. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about our campaign, the investment process and our vision.

About the investment round
1.     What is the purpose of Loop Biotech's crowd funding campaign?
Loop Biotech aims to raise 2 million euros to further advance our mission of enriching nature. This capital will be used to grow our sales in the Netherlands and in Europe. In addition, we will make the necessary CAPEX investments in the production facility to scale up with it.
2.    What is the minimum investment I can make?
The minimum investment is 3 shares (€262.50), through which we want to give a wide range of investors the opportunity to be part of our mission to enrich nature.
3.    What do I get for my investment?
For your investment, you will receive certificates entitling you to shares in Loop Biotech, making you a co-owner and benefiting from the company's financial success.
4.    How can I invest?
Investments can be made directly through the crowd funding platform Invesdor. Follow the instructions on the platform to complete your investment safely and easily. 
5.    Are there any risks associated with my investment?
As with any investment, there are risks associated with your investment. Of course, Loop Biotech is fully committed to achieving a significant increase in value.
6.    How will certificate holders be kept informed? And with what frequency?
Certificate holders receive an update at least annually, including the Financial Statements. There is a standard business update twice a year, in the spring and fall.
7.    Do you have anything recorded anywhere about dividend distribution? When you do and when you don't?
In this growth phase, achieving revenue growth has priority over dividend payments. Decisions on dividend distribution are made carefully in accordance with the Shareholders' Agreement (SHA), which sets out rules. These include investor approval for dividend payments exceeding 25% of annual net profit, and consultation with the board including financial examination of liquidity and solvency, based on relevant legislation (Article 2:216 of the Dutch Civil Code) and for the benefit of all stakeholders, including investors.
8.    What is the expected increase in value of the organization over the years?
We are currently active in the venture capital journey, with our investors Shoe Investments and Orange Wings Investments aspiring for significant growth. Our goal is to achieve a 5-7x increase in value within 4-6 years, which fits with our ambition to generate significant returns for our investors.

About Loop Biotech
1.    What makes Loop Biotech unique?
Loop Biotech offers an innovative and sustainable solution for funerals with the world's first patented mushroom funeral box made from local mushrooms and upcycled hemp fibers. These products not only help reduce harm, but actively enrich the health of our planet. With strong market demand and exclusive contracts, and a solid financial base and experienced team, Loop Biotech is firmly positioned for rapid growth. The growing market for eco-friendly burials offers significant investment potential. Join us in our mission to enrich the earth with Loop Biotech.
2.    How does Loop Biotech use the funds raised?
a.    Commercial growth: Expansion of the sales team with experienced professionals to drive revenue growth in the Netherlands and Europe, strengthening our global market position and increasing revenues.
b.    Marketing investments: Develop digital and physical marketing campaigns to attract both consumers and businesses and build strong business relationships.
c.    Factory investments: Increase production capacity and improve operational efficiency to meet growing demand for our sustainable products, while striving to reduce production costs and improve profit margins.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can email us at or call us at +316 21 36 16 71. For questions related to the Invesdor platform, you can also contact Invesdor directly at 020-568 20 70 or email We are ready to help you!

UPDATE 21-03-2024: We’ve hit the € 1 million mark in 1 day!

Champagne Breakfeast kick-off of the campaign

What an incredible day yesterday has been. Starting with our Champagne Breakfast to launch our investment round. Within one day, our counter surged past €1,000,000!

We are overwhelmed by the fantastic turnout at our headquarters to celebrate this milestone moment. A huge thank you goes out to all who joined us already, especially our esteemed partners: Shawn Harris, Orange Wings Investments, Limbraco International, Shoe Investments, Natuurbegraven Nederland, TU Delft and all our funeral partners.

Thank you to everyone who has invested in Loop, joining our mission to enrich nature and becoming a valued shareholder of our company. Your support means the world to us. Onwards to €2M!

Let's close the Loop!