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LymphaTouch Oy


Negative pressure for effective therapy

Marketing content

Key investment highlights

A product clinically proven to be effective and efficient – LymphaTouch is certified as an ISO1385 compliant medical device manufacturer, and the device has received CE and US FDA medical device approval.

A solution to a prevalent problem – LymphaTouch treatment improves treatment outcomes and allows the therapist to work more effectively. The device therapy supports manual therapy and together save the practitioner's hands and time. Versatile application areas offer the possibility to expand the range of services.

Scalable business model – LymphaTouch's network of distributors covers around 30 countries.

Strategic partnerships – Strategic and beneficial partnerships allows the company to accelerate access to new markets, leverage on technology and expertise, and reach a wide range of customers. 

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„LymphaTouch is reshaping rehabilitation and lymphatic therapy, enabling faster recovery and effective relief. Our patented CE marked medical devices have helped many people suffering from injuries, swelling and pain. With a focus on global expansion and continuous innovation, we present a compelling investment opportunity as we transform patient care worldwide. Join us in creating a meaningful impact on healthcare outcomes while building a great partnership. "

Janne Matikainen, CEO

Investment information

Equity offering
Invested so far:
Equity offered:
10.25 – 27.56 %
Price per share:
min investment 140 shares
Number of existing shares:
Fully diluted shares:
Pre-money valuation:
Offered units:
Invesdor GmbH


Company profile

LymphaTouch Oy (LymphaTouch) was founded in 2005 out of a desire to help patients with lymphatic and circulatory problems by using innovative vacuum technology. The company provides easy-to-use and effective solutions for patients recovering from e.g. breast cancer treatments, sport injuries, post surgery swelling or scars.

LymphaTouch is certified as an ISO13485 compliant medical device manufacturer and has received CE and US FDA medical device approval. 

LymphaTouch's current owners include Innovestor, one of Finland's largest private equity firms, and a number of well-known angel investors. LymphaTouch's Board is chaired by Leena Niemistö, MD, specialist in physiatry and government professional. The company's key people form a diverse and experienced team, combining many years of experience in the health technology sector and its sub-sectors. 

In 2023, LymphaTouch signed a major technology collaboration agreement with Mego Afek of Israel. This partnership agreement opens the door to a whole new market and creates unprecedented opportunities in the company's history. 

Mego Afek's strong network and international presence provide LymphaTouch with a unique opportunity to expand globally and reach healthcare professionals and patients in new regions. By combining resources and expertise, LymphaTouch and Mego Afek will create synergies that will strengthen both companies' position as pioneers in health technology. 

This technology partnership agreement not only expands LymphaTouch's business opportunities, but also supports the company's mission to bring relief and improve the quality of life for patients worldwide. 


LymphaTouch Light "LT-01":
For medical professionals, e.g.  physiotherapists, to treat patients with a wide range of pain and  swelling related conditions. 

LymphaTouch Pro "LT-02":

The newest addition to the company's portfolio, the LT-02 incorporates all the proven features of the LT-01, but has also received numerous improvements in design and materials. The device will replace LT-01 in professional use. Designed for heavy users in challenging conditions  


Exchange cups: LymphaTouch offer exchange cups of different sizes and shapes that can be adapted to different treatment needs and areas. 

Filters: High quality filters ensure that your device will work optimally and improve hygiene. 

Cart: Designed to make it easy to move and store your device, our cart is specifically designed for LymphaTouch Light devices. 


Business model

Following the general best practice of medical device industry, LymphaTouch outsources the majority of sales and distribution. The team does direct sales only in the domestic market, and use local distributors elsewhere. This secures scalability and accelerates LymphaTouch's time to market, as the selected distributors already have access to thousands of potential buyers worldwide. 

The target customers are 1.6 million physiotherapists worldwide. LymphaTouch's customers include healthcare professionals who specialize in manual therapy, such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, lymph specialists, and other practitioners in the healthcare field. 

Most of the sales consist of device sales. The purchase of a device is usually a one-off investment, but often there may be a need to upgrade or replace it, for example when a newer model becomes available or the device reaches the end of its life. 

As install base grows, so does the need and demand for maintenance services. This means that after-sales services can account for a significant proportion of recurring sales, especially when customers want to ensure the functionality and longevity of their device. Sales of cups and filters are recurring sales and their demand is growing in proportion to the devices in active use.   



The company is active in the physiotherapy equipment market, which is expanding rapidly due to factors such as an aging population, increasing rates of cancer, and rising levels of obesity. The initial total addressable market is nearly € 400 million focused on lymphedema treatment. Thanks to the versatility of LymphaTouch's core technology the company can target the overall physiotherapy equipment market valued well over € 20 billion.

The global physiotherapy equipment market size reached US$ 16.5 billion in 2021. Looking ahead, it is anticipated that the market will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.44% between 2021 and 2027, reaching US$ 24.0 billion by the end of the forecast period.

Board of Directors


first name last name, position

Leena Niemistö 

Chair of the Board

  • Dr. Leena Niemistö is a health care professional with 35 years of clinical and leadership experience
  • MD and PhD and specialised in physical and rehabilitation medicine
  • Worked as CEO in private healthcare company Dextra between 2003-2016 and as deputy CEO in a social and healthcare company Pihlajalinna between 2013-2016
  • Currently a board member in several publicly listed companies (Pihlajalinna, Raisio, Nexstim, Nightingale Health, Digital Workforce Sevices), startups, organisations and foundations
  • Active investor in several healthtech and cleantech growth companies


first name last name, position

Stig Gustavson

Member of the Board

  • Dr. Stig Gustavson is Chairman of MCF Helsinki and Member of MCF’s Advisory Council
  • Founder of Konecranes Plc and served as CEO between 1994-2005, and as Chair and vice Chair until 2017
  • Served as Board Member and Chair in several large companies in Finland and Sweden, including Outokumpu, Raute, Hackman, Enskilda Securities, Nobia, Perstorp, Telia Networks, Ahlström Capital, AR Carton, Cramo and Handelsbanken (Finland)
  • Senior Advisor to Aberdeen Standard Investments and Chairs their Finland assets Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy, Suomi Gas Distribution Oy and Suomi Heat Holdings Oy
  • Board Member of all mid cap funds at IK Investment Partners and board positions in several start-up venture


first name last name, position

Eero Heliövaara

Member of the Board

  • Eero Heliövaara is a Board Member in several listed companies start-ups and foundations as of 2017- 
  • Director General, State Ownership, Prime Minister’s Office between 2013 - 2017
  • Board Professional and Angel Investor between 2010 - 2012



first name last name, position

Janne Matikainen


  • CEO at LymphaTouch since 2022
  • M.Sc. (Tech.), 20 years of experience in a variety of roles in the electronics and medical device industry
  • Worked at LymphaTouch since 2018


first name last name, position

Otto Luukkainen

Sales Director

  • Sales Director at LymphaTouch since 2023 
  • M.Sc. (Tech.), In sales since 2018 
  • Worked at LymphaTouch since 2016 


first name last name, position

Anna Viitala

Clinical specialist

  • Clinical specialist at LymphaTouch since 2022 
  • Physiotherapist and Master of Health Care   
  • Several years of experience in physiotherapy work 

Company structure

LymphaTouch Oy is a limited liability company with a subsidiary in the United States, LymphaTouch Inc. 

Innovestor Growth Fund I KY, Gerago Oy and Takoa Growth Oy are the main shareholders of Lymphatouch which collectively possess around 44% of shares. The current Board of Directors owns approximately 67%. 

Distribution of company shares




1 Innovestor Kasvurahasto I KY  130,988  18.9 % 
2 Gerako Oy  111,000  16.0 % 
3 Stig Gustavson  71,095  10.3 % 
4 Takoa Growth Oy  64,141  9.3 % 
5 Acme Investments SPF S.a.r.l.   61,125  8.8 % 
6 Leena Niemistö  59,069  8.5 %
7 Heliocabala Oy  51,121  7.4 %
8 Ventic Oy  28,899  4.2 %
9 Pertti Kärkkäinen  21,943  3.2 %
10 Other shareholders (37)  92,266  13.3% 
TOTAL 691,647  100 %

Use of funds

Icon 1

Scenario I

(€1M collected in the financing round)

  • Strengthen the product development and operations team to enable a faster and more controlled R&D path, improve the quality of products and accelerate their market introduction.
  • Continue the development of the LymphaTouch Capex device, with the aim of creating a cutting-edge product for the most demanding treatments. The project is expected to be completed by 2025 and will strengthen LymphaTouch's position as a leading innovator in the field. 
  • Continuing clinical research on the benefits of negative pressure therapy for scars.

Icon 2

Scenario II

(€600,000 collected in the financing round)

  • Expand the sales team by investing significantly in sales and business growth.
  • Strengthen clinical expertise and after-sales support.
  • Development of LymphaTouch Light - a lightweight device.
  • Invest in working capital.

Icon 3

Scenario III

(€300,000 collected in the financing round)

  • Complete of the ongoing product development project and bring the "LymphaTouch Pro" to the market.
  • Launch of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) application.
  • Hire an external marketing agency.
  • Working capital.

Financial figures & growth

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Icon Money

Customer loyalty and long-term customer relationships are key factors that create stability and predictability in the company's revenues. One of LymphaTouch's greatest strengths is its rich clinical evidence base. 

The company's ability to understand the market, innovate and forge strategic partnerships has given it a solid position as a pioneer in the health technology sector. Accordingly, the company's valuation was estimated to be € 2 628 258,60 in August 2023.

Increase in demand, loyal customers, and expansion of LymphaTouch's product portfolio with the new LymphaTouch Pro open up new markets for the company. 

In addition, LymphaTouch's signed partnership agreement with MegoAfek will open up new business opportunities for the company and allow synergies for both parties. 

More detailed information on the valuation of the company can be found in the information memorandum.

Exit scenarios

Icon 1

Sales through acquisition are expected to be the optimal and most probable choice. The company's sale was discussed in 2022. LymphaTouch will be ready for commercial sale once the company's cash flow demonstrates positivity.

Icon 2

An IPO is a potential avenue for financing. When LymphaTouch Pro manages to establish itself     and achieve a revenue growth of $5-6 million, an IPO could become a feasible method of  gathering more funding for future business expansion and product portfolio development. 

Icon 3

Private equity investment is a third viable option when a company's cash flow is positive and steadily growing. 


Investment related documents

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Update 28.9.2023

Question from an investor answered by Janne Matikainen, CEO at LymphaTouch

Q: How much growth does LymphaTouch Oy expect in the next five years?

A: LymphaTouch's five year strategy is presented here.

Update 27.9.2023

Key takeaways from LymphaTouch's webinar held on Wednesday 27.9.2023 (in Finnish)

Recording (link)

  • Equity offered at a good valuation now. "It is currently the investors' market." - Leena Niemistö. 
  • LympaTouch's new improved product. Strong believe in the product. 
  • Strong competitive advantage thanks to active patent, especially benefitial on the US market.
  • Market possibilities in China.
  • LymphaTouch gets paid rolyalties thanks to partnership with Israeli Mego Afek.
  • Effective for treatment of scars, swelling and sport injuries
  • Users like sport professionals in top football leagues use LymphaTouch's products. 
  • The current negative numbers, mostly due to covid-19 pandemic, is estimated to turn positive thanks to the improvements, and development investments done by the company. 


Webinar on Wednesday 27.9.2023 at 9:00 (in Finnish)

LymphaTouch is organising a webinar in Finnish on Wednesday 27 September at 9.00 am, with speakers Leena Niemistö, Stig Gustavson and Janne Matikainen. 

Leena Niemistö and Stig Gustavson, well-known business profiles and business angels talks about the latest in Finnish rehabilitation technology and about LymphaTouch Oy as an investment opportunity.

Link to the webinar


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