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The HelloFresh of knitting - The billion-dollar "handmade" market


Why you should invest in OONIQUE

Over 9 million people in Germany knit and crochet - OONIQUE appeals to this large target group with customised knitting and crochet sets, high-quality wool and accessories.

OONIQUE digitizes the largest segment in the needlework industry and sells curated knitting sets and sustainably produced wool in high quality.

By investing in OONIQUE, you will participate in the billion-dollar market for handicrafts: target group consists of millions of people who knit and crochet - for life!

OONIQUE is growing at 50% per year by digitizing a market that is currently largely analogue.

DIY/handicraft is the investment market for large investors, as the high 8-digit million valuations of Hobbii (sale to Verdane Partners) and Lovecrafts (participation of large funds) show.

Boris Hardi, CEO OONIQUE

“OONIQUE was founded with the goal of making knitting and crochet more attractive and modern and at the same time bringing the most sustainable hobby in the fashion sector to the world.

With OONIQUE, we are doing many things new and different in the knitting and crochet segment, above all: “We make knitting fashion again!”. But most importantly, we make it easier for our customers to create successful DIY projects. Within just 3 years, we have been able to inspire almost 40,000 customers.

Now we want to continue to grow and make our enthusiasm for knitting and crocheting accessible to even more people - internationally too. You can join us as an investor and become part of our mission.

By investing in OONIQUE today, you are choosing to join us in combining returns and sustainability through our slow fashion approach!“
Boris Hardi, CEO of OONIQUE

Investment information

Days to invest:
Investing round ends:
Equity offering
Invested so far:
Equity offered:
0.51 – 12.72 %
Price per share:
min investment 1 share
Transaction costs:
1.50 %
Number of existing shares:
Fully diluted shares:
Pre-money valuation:
Maximum issue size:
Offered units:
Oneplanetcrowd International B.V


Company profile

From an idea to a successful company

OONIQUE was founded in Munich in 2020 and has grown from an idea to a thriving company in the billion-dollar handmade market in a very short period of time. They already serve knitters and crochet enthusiasts throughout the DACH region by providing a simple solution to live out their passion with our innovative platform. Now they will continue to expand their presence geographically.

The challenge

Knitting or crocheting a design can be frustrating, as choosing the right yarn is a challenge right from the start. Not every yarn is suitable for every knitting pattern, and the right needle size and running length of the yarn to be selected, as well as the material composition, are crucial to achieving the desired result.

An innovative platform and a simple ordering process

With its innovative online store, OONIQUE offers a unique solution to the problem by considerably simplifying the process of tedious searching of the required materials:

Customers select their desired design in the appropriate size and desired color. OONIQUE's system automatically calculates the required amount of yarn and adds it to the shopping cart. Suitable knitting accessories are suggested and can be added if required. The package with instructions, matching wool and accessories is lovingly packaged and shipped in an environmentally friendly way via DHL Go Green.

Experience and passion united

OONIQUE's company history began with a hundred knitting kits in the store and has grown rapidly by expanding the team of experienced knitters with both commercial and creative backgrounds. They now create their own designs, also especially for beginners, produce matching video tutorials, launched their own product line and also organize large offline knitting events.

The customer base

To date, OONIQUE has already convinced almost 40,000 customers of their concept - customers who, in turn, order from them again and again!

Company Info

Company name: OONIQUE GmbH
Managing Director: Boris Hardi
Business ID number: HRB 261080
Founding Year: 2020
Address: Gotthelfstraße 36
81677 Munich
Industry: E-Commerce / Hobby
Number of employees: 4
Locations: 2
Social Media:


Products and services

OONIQUE offers a wide range of knitting and crochet products and services. These include the sale of high-quality knitting and crochet accessories such as wool and knitting needles as well as their own product line of knitting accessories, which are characterized by their environmentally friendly, plastic-free design.

Knitting project

OONIQUE accessories

A central element of the company's offering is the automated creation of knitting kits. This solves the problem that customers often have to tediously search for the right wool in the right quantity for their projects. When ordering from OONIQUE, this effort is completely eliminated. Their customers simply select their size and desired color from the range presented digitally on OONIQUE's website, and all the materials they need are conveniently delivered to their home in the right quantity with printed instructions. This innovative solution saves customers time and effort while ensuring a seamless and satisfying knitting experience.

For investors, this means promising prospects for the future. The company plans to continue scaling their business, both geographically and through the introduction of new products and services. They aim to generate an attractive return for their investors through a combination of sales growth and efficiency improvements.

Business model


knitting projects

OONIQUE sells wool as well as knitting and crochet accessories to consumers. Their main sales channel is their own online store. They also use marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Kaufland for sales.

The approx. 1,800 knitting sets in an average of 20 colors and 3 sizes (corresponding to approx. 108,000 variants) are offered exclusively via the OONIQUE online store. The ordered sets are individually assembled and shipped by the company's shipping cooperation partner.

OONIQUE's business model is designed for returning customers. As a rule, knitters knit for a lifetime! This "built-in subscription model” of recurring sales already means that around 25% of the company's turnover comes from returning customers. This amount is planned to rise to over 50% in the next few years and will therefore have a significant positive impact on returns.


OONIQUE's products are in line with the goals of sustainability and conscious consumption. Handicraft in itself is already a sustainable act. Homemade fashion represents the counter-movement to the fast fashion industry by promoting individual creations and longevity.

OONIQUE sources their products from European manufacturers, including renowned yarns from countries such as Italy, Norway and France. A key aspect of their sourcing strategy is to ensure 100% animal cruelty-free yarns (“mulesing-free”) and to consider the welfare of people along the production chain.


OONIQUE also stocks a variety of GOTS-certified and organic yarns that meet the highest standards in terms of environmental compatibility and social responsibility. Through programs such as “Trace-Your-Yarn”, the manufacturers of the wool sold are actively committed to creating transparent and traceable production paths. These standards enable OONIQUE to communicate the origin and quality of their products to the customers in a transparent manner and at the same time strengthen trust in the OONIQUE brand.

Learn more about sustainability at OONIQUE


Community event

The total market for handicraft supplies in Germany amounted to around €1 billion in 2023, according to the industry association Initiative Handarbeit. With sales of €370 million, the crochet and knitting yarn segment was the largest single segment in 2023 and recorded a significant increase compared to the previous year (2022: €350 million). Sustainability and traditional craftsmanship continue to be hot topics, as do the conscious use of textiles and the rethinking of fashion consumption habits.

OONIQUE's competitors are physical local wool retailers with a significantly smaller product range and a lack of digitalization. The number of local wool stores is falling by 10-15% per year. Online retailers that only sell wool but do not (or cannot) curate knitting sets and do not have an automated and scalable shipping and fulfillment platform are growing moderately and therefore only compete with OONIQUE to a limited extent.

OONIQUE is characterized by a modern and digital infrastructure. Its own connection to the shipping platform and a low cost base lead to major competitive advantages. However, one of OONIQUE's unique selling points is its branding. OONIQUE's own products, such as knitting and crochet instructions, rulers, stitch markers, needles, etc., ensure that customers are increasingly loyal to the OONIQUE brand. The curation of yarns from different manufacturers enables a broad and ever-growing range and in turn encourages repeat purchases. OONIQUE is already established on social media and uses its own content on all relevant channels such as Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube. The young customer group in particular is addressed in this way. In this way, a large reach is achieved and converted into sales.



Boris Hardi, CEO

Boris Hardi


Boris Hardi is a trained businessman and has been a management consultant for international investors for many years. He was a board member of a listed stock corporation and has many years of experience in leading teams as well as in online marketing and building companies.

He has been Managing Director of OONIQUE since 2021. Previously, he was an independent investor and advisory board member in the field of investments in start-ups.


Johanna Jacob, COO

Johanna Jacob


Johanna Jacob studied psychology at the University of Bonn and holds a master's degree in educational science from the Technical University of Dortmund.

She gained experience in personnel development at Calzedonia Germany GmbH, as a group leader at the Caritas Association and in the learning training concept at the Academy for Learning Pedagogy. She then worked in Human Resources at Just Spices GmbH.

She has been working at OONIQUE since 2022, where she started as E-Commerce Manager and was later promoted to Head of Product. She is currently COO of the company, where she contributes her expertise in the areas of personnel development, HR and product management.

Distribution of company shares

Verteilung der Unternehmensanteile

Boris Hardi: 78.5% of the company shares via HVV Vermögensverwaltung
SevenVentures: 14.2% of the company shares
Angel Investors: 7.3% of the company shares

Company structure

OONIQUE GmbH is a sole proprietorship without a parent company or subsidiaries.

Use of funds

Icon 1

Maximum scenario

(€1,200,040 raised in the financing round)

  • Enlargement of the team by 2 full-time employees in the area of marketing and events
  • Expansion and localisation of the webshop in English (UK) and Swedish
  • Development of the product range
  • Optimization of the digital structure and the online shop
  • Further investments in marketing and taking over other parts of online marketing in-house
  • Carrying out offline purchasing events

Icon 2

Medium scenario

(€900,030 collected in the financing round)

  • Enlargement of the team by 1-2 full-time employees (including hiring an online marketing junior)
  • Preparation for expansion in England
  • Development of our own range of accessories
  • Optimization of the online shop
  • Carrying out offline purchasing events

Icon 3

Minimum scenario

(€600,020 collected in the financing round)

  • Optimization of the online shop
  • Expansion of online marketing
  • Translation of the store into English and offer shipping also outside DACH to other European countries
  • Carrying out offline purchasing events

Financial figures & growth

Actual and planned figures

Get an insight into OONIQUE's financial figures, such as turnover and earnings development. Learn more about the growth forecast.

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Icon Money

OONIQUE conducted a capital increase in 2022 at a pre-money valuation of €4 million. This corresponded to 8 times the 2022 annual turnover.

OONIQUE is offering the Invesdor crowd an investment opportunity at a pre-money valuation of €5 million, which corresponds to 3.57 times the 2024 turnover.

The breakeven point is expected to be reached by the end of 2025.

In 2022, the participation of a business angel amounting to 5% resulted in a pre-money valuation of €4 million. A media for equity investment was also made by SevenAccelerator (SevenVentures/Pro7) in 2022. A gross media volume of €2.5 million was invested for a TV campaign.

Exit scenarios

Icon 1

Sale to yarn manufacturers or wool wholesalers:
The wool industry is in very good shape, as can be seen from steadily rising turnover and sales in the knitting and crochet segment. On the sales side, traditional local wool stores are losing considerable market share to online retailers. OONIQUE is uniquely positioned thanks to its multi-brand strategy and its own brand. One sales scenario is via yarn manufacturers or wool wholesalers to compensate for their shrinking offline sales channels.

Icon 2

Sale after successful consolidation:
Venture capital and private equity funds have already invested high 8-digit million amounts in DIY (handicraft and knitting companies, especially online). The strong OONIQUE brand can become part of a larger consolidation strategy for a fund.

Icon 3

An IPO is an option to provide investors in this financing round with an attractive exit at a high valuation.


Bonus 1

1 to 2 shares:
15 % Discount*

If you purchase 1 to 2 shares, you will receive a 15% discount on every order until 31.03.2025.

Bonus 2

3 to 9 shares:
20 % Discount*

If you purchase 3 to 9 shares, you will receive a 20% discount on every order until 31.03.2025.

Bonus 3

10 shares or more:
30 % Discount*

If you purchase 10 or more shares, you will receive a 30% discount on every order until 31.03.2025.

*Bonuses will only be awarded to investors when the investment project is finalised and after the financed amount has been paid out to the company, approximately 4 weeks after the financing is closed.

Your voucher code is expected to be displayed in your Invesdor portfolio from 19.06.2024.

The code can be redeemed on any order (up to and including 31.03.2025) in the OONIQUE online store.

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3 Advantages for investors


Participation in unlisted companies

Access to new lucrative investment opportunities through direct participation in companies that are not listed on the stock exchange

Finanzielle Vorteile

Same financial benefits as shares

Shares in the trust office foundation offer the same financial benefits as the associated shares. (In the case of Oonique highest liquidation preference.)

Interessen der Anlegenden vertreten

Duty to protect economic interests

Trust office foundations are obliged to protect the economic interests of investors and exercises voting rights in a bundled manner to strengthen the crowd

The participating liquidation preference is a clause that is used in financial contracts, particularly in the case of investments by venture capitalists. It regulates how the proceeds from a company liquidation or sale are distributed among the various investors.

In the case of a participating liquidation preference, the investors have the right to first receive their original investment amount back before the remaining liquidation proceeds are distributed to the other investors. In addition, the participating investors can also participate in the remaining proceeds, allowing them to realise a higher overall return.

This clause offers investors a certain degree of security, as they first receive their investment back before other investors or shareholders share in the profits. It is important to note that the exact terms and mechanics of the participating liquidation preference may vary depending on the contract and agreement.


Investment related documents

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In this update section you will find new, project-relevant information that we receive.

Invesdor does not conduct a separate review of information received after the start of the financing phase.

OONIQUE launches "OONIQUE goes SCHOOL" - another high-revenue potential area in the millions

OONIQUE is introducing a new project with significant revenue potential: OONIQUE goes SCHOOL. This initiative aims to reintroduce knitting and crocheting in schools, teaching children the values of sustainability and craftsmanship while unlocking a multi-million euro business segment.

The project is being realized in collaboration with Daniel Schleif, an experienced founder of private schools and daycare centers and managing director of Baumhaus Kitas GmbH, and Johanna Jacob, COO of OONIQUE and a trained psychologist and educational scientist. Together, they aim to ensure that children not only learn the techniques of knitting and crocheting but also develop an awareness of sustainable craftsmanship.

Vollstaendige Tilgung

The concept:

  • Ready-to-knit sets: Specially designed kits with child-friendly instructions for children, parents, and teachers, accompanied by professional support, offering high revenue potential.
  • Sustainability and craftsmanship: Learning knitting and crocheting enhances children's motor skills and teaches the importance of sustainable and creative handwork, increasing demand for these kits.
  • Trade show presentations: The project will be showcased at various trade fairs to attract interest from schools, parents, and educational institutions, further boosting revenue potential.

This project not only enhances children's craft skills and contributes to education for sustainable development but also represents an attractive business opportunity. Investing in "OONIQUE goes SCHOOL" supports the spread of handcrafts in schools and opens up a new high-revenue market.

UPDATE 16.05.2024: Investor Q&A

1. The outlook shows 45k as interest annually on 1mln of loans. The loans are being repaid. This does not seem to affect the budget. What are the interest arrangements on the loans? There is loan from shareholders and from PayPal. 4.5% seems to be the average rate based on budget, but how fixed or dynamic are those agreements?

"The Shareholder loans are based on a 5% interest and may only be repaid via a refinancing through another bank for the financing of stock. Crowdfunding capital will not and cannot be used to pay back the loans. The terms are not fixed. "