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> €12.000.000 invested so far

> €12.000.000
invested so far

13 successful rounds

successful rounds

9  Fundings fully paid back

fully paid back fundings

~ 1.500 Investors

~ 1.500

The crowd success story

Whether it is a question of sport, health or beauty - food supplements can be used to support a wide range of applications.

The Biogena Group is the Austrian market leader in the segment of medically recommended micronutrient substitution. The company was founded in 2006, employs over 400 people and has its headquarters in Salzburg. Biogena distributes products to more than 13,000 physician partners and therapists and more than 300,000 customers in more than 40 countries, in a total of 20 Biogena stores as well as through its own online shop. Under the motto "Knowledge creates health" the company combines the latest scientific findings with ancient knowledge. 

Crowdinvesting Success story : Biogena Logo

Biogena Timeline

The most financed company on Invesdor.

Biogena went all the way to the capital market together with the crowd. After the first fixed-income project in 2015, Biogena made a listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange (IPO) in 2020. Investors invested 2,000,000 euros in the company. As real shareholders with full participation rights the investors participate in the company's increase in value and possible dividends. The listing on the stock exchange enables trading in order to realise further profits.

Biogena Highlights

Biogena 13

Opening Good Health World Center

Biogena enters its 13th round. Biogena's "Good Health World" on the outskirts of Salzburg was put into operation at the end of 2020. As a result, the company expected, among other things, a nine-fold increase in product sales and is using the funds to implement its expansion strategy at full speed.

Biogena 12

Start of the Franchise concept

The "Good Health World" in Salzburg is intended to provide the necessary foundation for the 225 planned franchise stores and territories. Biogena launched the franchise distribution system before the end of 2019. In order to quintuple the market share in Germany, flagship stores were opened in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. The logistics centre was also modernised and expanded in order to push the export quota of around 50 %.

Biogena 11

Digitalisation & Internationalisation

Biogena is a real long-runner. Around five million euros have been raised so far and invested in new stores, logistics, internationalisation and digitalisation to drive growth. 

Biogena 8

Market entry Switzerland

The exclusive financing in Switzerland supports the local market entry. Switzerland is a market of the future for Biogena, as the market potential here for high-quality nutritional supplement products made from pure substances is considered to be very high.

Biogena 7

European Expansion

The previous Biogena crowdfundings (including the largest online financing in the Austrian SME sector) were an immense success. This funding will be used primarily to implement further internationalisation. After Germany, expansion into the entire EU region is planned.

Biogena 6

Store Roll-Out Germany

This financing focuses on the roll-out in Germany by opening new stores. New locations will be developed, especially in urban centres and a Functional Medicine Centre in Germany will be established.

Biogena 5

Market penetration Austria

Biogena is offering the investment opportunity to German customers and partners for the first time in 2016. The funds will be used to further pursue market penetration in Austria. Product development and customer acquisition are the main uses of the loan.

Biogena 3

Unexpected crowd success

Due to the great interest a third round of Biogena financing goes live shortly after the second round. Biogena's "Knowledge creates health" concept arouses extraordinary investor interest. The crowd's money is used primarily to expand state-of-the-art Biogena stores.

Biogena says thank you!

Albert Schmiedebauer, Owner & CEO Otmar

,,We would like to thank our loyal crowd for 13 succesful financing rounds! The path we have travelled together makes us very proud and is far from over. The next projects are already waiting for the starting signal.''

Albert Schmidbauer, Owner & CEO Biogena

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