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€ 1.000.000 invested so far


> €53.000 interest paid

> €53.000
interest paid out

> 673 Investors

> 673

1 hour 37 minutes to raise €1 M.

1 hour 37 minutes
to raise €1 million

The crowd success story

Evobeam GmbH is one of the 1,000 fastest growing companies in Europe according to the Financial Times list. By developing and producing highly specialised metal parts, the company makes a decisive contribution to enabling Mars missions, satellites to orbit earth and Formula 1 racing cars to take off. The technology is in high demand and requires larger machines, that are extremely capital-intensive.

In order to rapidly drive growth and continue to provide its high profile customers with high quality products, Evobeam has completed a highly successful funding on Invesdor. In less than two hours, over 600 investors have invested a total of €1 million in the company.

Hidden Champion is on course for growth

Evobeam's dynamic growth is particularly testified by its listing in the Financial Times. The renowned business paper has put Evobeam on its list of the 1,000 fastest growing companies in Europe. With the 1 million euros, that were raised through Invesdor within a few hours, the company contiues on their growth path.

Evobeam in action

Evobeam Aerospace


Evobeam's customers are primarily from the aerospace industry. Evobeam machines produce components that are used in space, amongst others. NASA utilises them for the construction of satellite positioning drives and mass spectrometers for Mars missions.

Evobeam Automotive


Machines from Evobeam produce e.g. components for electric drives, turbochargers and transmissions for leading companies. Customers include Volkswagen and Bosch, among others.

Evobeam Mechanical Engeneering

Mechanical Engineering

Due to the high precision of vacuum welding, Evobeam machines are also used by other machine manufacturers, for example to produce valve housings for the food industry. The food is conveyed through these valves during production. To ensure hygiene in the production process, the surface must be particularly smooth so no residues get stuck on weld seams. Customers include GEA, SPX and Endress+Hauser.

A thank you from Evobeam

Dr. Ing. Matthias Wahl, Founder and CEO of Evobeam GmbH

"We would like to thank all investors who participated in the funding round. Thanks to you, we were able to grow successfully and turn new projects into reality."
Dr. Ing. Matthias Wahl, Founder and CEO of Evobeam GmbH

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