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> €4,125,000 raised

> €4,125,000

2 rounds


> 917 investors

> 917

15 % return within 12 months

15 %
return within 12 months

The crowd success story 

When you think of financial administration, do you immediately get a bad feeling in your gut? So do many people. But Heeros puts an end to that. With their cloud solution for corporate financial administration, it gets the job done in an effortless way.

Since the company was founded in 2000 it has been growing rapidly. At first the products were ahead of their time, making it difficult to make accounting firms and other potential customers understand the vision and benefits of the Heeros solution. But as soon as the market caught up with Heeros, the company startet growing exponentially. In 2015 Heeros was on the Deloitte Finland Technology Fast 50 list for the seventh time in a row.

This lead to their first crowdfunding with Invesdor in 2015 and their IPO with Invesdor as the suscription plattform one year later in 2016. Thereby generating a 15 % return within 12 months for investors.

The crowd success story : Heeros

Successful IPO only one year after crowdfunding round

Heeros raised 660,000 euros through Invesdor in 2015. The price per share was 2.70 euros in this funding round. One year later Heeros did an IPO on the Nasdaq First North market in Finland at 3.10 euros per share offering their investors a return of 15 % in just 12 months. Heeros was the first publicly traded company in Europe to have taken on equity crowdfunding investments from retail investors.

Heeros continues to grow

Heeros has a strong domestic growth potential and a stable turnover growth (see figure). In addition to Finnish offices in Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Turku, Heeros currently has an office in the Netherlands. The European e-invoicing market is opening up more and more. Especially the other Nordic countries and the Benelux countries are targets for further expansion for Heeros. 

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