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Oneplanetcrowd continues as Invesdor

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A warm welcome to Invesdor from our management!

Maarten de Jong, founder and director of Oneplanetcrowd, and Christopher Grätz, founder and director of Invesdor Group, welcome you to the Invesdor platform and our next chapter as a joint company.

Let's take the next step together!

OPC and Invesdor merger

We are excited to see you on Invesdor's investment platform. From now on, Oneplanetcrowd and Invesdor are joining forces to become one of the biggest players in Europe in impact investing.

Staying the same

What you can expect is a wider range of European propositions: companies and energy projects from Germany, Finland and Austria. We are working on improved liquidity and tradability of your investment products, and your portfolio will be more transparent so you can check, for example, when specific payments are expected.


What will not change is the quality of our service. We remain as thorough and incisive as you have come to expect from us. We also maintain our sustainable character. The sustainable investment offering on Invesdor remains recognizable with the Oneplanet label. In addition, our team in the Netherlands will continue to be at your service.

We informed you over the last couple of weeks already in our newsletter about the upcoming changes. If you missed the mails, please find here again all information you need: 

  1. NewsletterOneplanetcrowd becomes Invesdor
  2. NewsletterCountdown to the the new investment platform

From now on, you will find all your previous investments, documentation and payment overviews from both platforms at one glance in your Invesdor portfolio.

Use the new url to access the investment offerings, your profile and your investment portfolio:

Do you need help finding your way around the Invesdor platform? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Get to know the new website: look at current and closed funding rounds and learn more about our mission.

OnePlanet: Impact investing with Invesdor

Invest responsibly

One label for OnePlanet

With our OnePlanet label, you can identify funding rounds with a high positive impact on at least one of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.

This makes it easier for you to diversify your portfolio and to make sure your money has a positive impact on our world.

Do you have any further questions?

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Phone: +49 30 364 285 707

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Marko Müller

Senior Customer Success Manager


Your contact person

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Customer Support


Frequently asked questions

Invesdor is open to every adult living in Europe. Other requirements include a valid e-mail address and a bank account with an IBAN. People who are politically exposed or people with US tax liability are not able to participate. 

During the investment campaign you submit an 'investment offer'. After the campaign is completed, the company accepts your offer. You will then receive your contract. In the meantime you have time to make the payment. You will find all investment offers you have made under the heading Investment Offers. 

Yes, that is possible, but in practice it hardly ever happens. 

After submitting your investment offer, you wait for acceptance by the company, but you can already continue with: 

  • Entering your bank account details where you would like to receive your refunds. You will need your IBAN and BIC. 
  • Making your payment using your preferred payment method. 
  • Uploading your ID: In some cases we may need to verify your identity using your ID. 
  • Creating (if necessary) an Invesdor wallet: an electronic wallet. You need this for digital ('tokenized') effects. You can create this for free with us in a few simple steps. 

After the campaign ends, you will receive confirmation by email that your investment offer has been accepted by the company. We will then make your contract documents available and downloadable in your profile. 

You can cancel your investment yourself in your portfolio in your online profile. It is also possible for you to send us an email from the address you used to make your investment. Please state the amount and the name of the company in which you invested. 

Be aware that you cannot change your investment amount. If you want to invest a higher amount, please make a new investment. If you want to invest a lower amount, cancel your investment and then invest the amount you want. 

Your recent investments will only appear in your overview after the administrative process has been finalised completely. You will always get a confirmation email when you have made your investment. 

During the investment process you will have to follow several consecutive steps. If you still need to finalise one of these steps, it will be shown on your investment offer. This will help you complete the investment process. 

Invesdor shows the upcoming payments on your portfolio page. You can easily download payments that have already been received from your portfolio as a zip file called This zip file contains an Excel file. Under the "Payments" tab you will find an overview of all your received and upcoming payments. 

You will receive these payments via Invesdor to the bank account you have set up.

In your portfolio, under the heading "Payments" you will find a comprehensive overview of the upcoming payments for all your investments.