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Invesdor Group's 2020 in numbers


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In our final newsletter for 2020, we offered a quick glimpse into 2020. Here are some more detailed numbers from the last year, such as the number of rounds on Group platforms, total funding raised, and average deal size.

Invesdor Group operates two digital investment platforms: and Of the two platforms, offers mostly equity issues by Finnish and Nordic companies, whereas Finnest is more specialized in mezzanine funding and their target companies are mostly from the German-speaking DACH market.

The numbers detailed below* provide the combined statistics for the two platforms from the year 2020. We reported the wrong number regarding the total funding raised in the final newsletter of 2020: one of the numbers used was taken from a wrong datapoint due to human error. The actual number was higher - we apologize for the mistake.

  • Funding rounds on the Group platforms raised a total of €29,692,054.
  • Average figure raised by a funding round was approx. €957,800.
  • Eleven funding rounds raised more than €1M. Of these, four rounds passed the €2M mark.
  • 31 funding rounds (18 on **, 13 on 
  • Share of funding rounds that reached their minimum target: 88.8%. ***
  • 6,110 investment transactions took place.
  • Average investment size was ca. €4,860.

Some funding rounds from last year are worthy of a special mention. On the Invesdor platform, medtech company Injeq raised €2M with their third equity issue: with this, they became the first company to have raised more than €5M in total via In addition, Invesdor introduced some historic rounds with the first equity issues (Biogena, Neoh) and bond issues (PV-Invest) from Austrian companies on the platform.

On the Finnest platform, the Group's first ever funding round using a participatory capital instrument was introduced. The target company was Hüffermann Krandienst GmbH: their part-cap round successfully raised €637,000. In addition, Biogena GmbH continued their long-running co-operation with Finnest with their 13th funding round on the platform.

* The numbers include investment that succeeded and were finalized. Refunds made in funding rounds that did not meet their minimum target, have been excluded. 

** Of the funding rounds hosted on, 12 were public and 6 offered to a limited investor pool.

*** The figure represents only the rounds hosted on Unlike the rounds hosted on, rounds on typically have no minimum funding target. Therefore including them in the Group's total percentage would be inaccurate in this instance, as would be a direct comparison between the two platforms.

Written by: Invesdor

Tuomas J. Mäkinen



The information contained herein is not meant to be, and it shall not be interpreted as investment advice or a recommendation and investors must neither accept any offer for, nor acquire, any securities unless they do so on the basis of the information contained in the applicable investment material of a target company. Investing in securities of unlisted companies is associated with high risk.

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