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"Investors have been waiting for this for years"


Invesdor CEO: Investors have been waiting for this for seven years

[This article was originally published in the Smart Investments supplement of the German FAZ newspaper]

In the following interview, Christopher Grätz, CEO of Invesdor, explains why Invesdor's own crowdfunding campaign is a smart idea for investors and a "Best of Europe" opportunity.

Mr. Grätz, how would you define "smart investing"?

Christopher Grätz: For me, investments are smart when they combine several aspects: an above average and solid return, an investment objective that also fits the ideal values of the investor, and sustainability, not only in the ecological but also in the economic sense.

What do you consider to be sustainable in the economic sense?

Let's look at current affairs. The war in Ukraine and its effects, such as the increase in energy prices, as well as the global supply chain problem, which is largely based on the situation in China, both demonstrate how important a stronger, more independent Europe is, especially as it shares many political values such as democracy. If Europe reflects on its strengths and moves to establish closer relationships between each individual country, many things will be possible. Then this continent will offer unity that will play an even greater role in the international economic context and will lead to better crisis management. Europe must become the future – because of its values and economic power. 

The pan-European crowdfunding platform Invesdor, offers investors the opportunity to invest in this idea ...

This is possible in two ways. Firstly, since the merger of the largest crowdfunding providers from Finland, Austria and Germany (prior to this merger we were known as Kapilendo) we have offered great projects from each of these countries. These projects have ranged from start-ups with enormous growth prospects to traditional medium-sized companies that generate regular income. Secondly, we are currently offering the opportunity to invest in us: in the company Invesdor, which embodies the European idea like no other. In summary, this Invesdor campaign is a 'Best of Europe' opportunity.

Why now?

The new, so-called “European Crowdfunding Service Providers Directive”, abbreviated ECSP, will significantly simplify and standardise cross-border investments for European investors. We are proving this strength in our own funding round. We are now able to offer the round simultaneously to all interested investors in Finland, Germany and Austria. We know investors who have been waiting for this for years.

What does this opportunity to invest in Invesdor look like in concrete terms?

We will issue a convertible bond, an instrument which combines the strengths of equity and debt capital. This is also something that distinguishes us: we offer a portfolio of projects not only from different countries and industries, but also with various instruments from equity to mezzanine to debt capital.

What is the appeal of a convertible bond in particular?

This gives investors the opportunity to become equity investors at discounted conditions, so to become real shareholders. For the waiting period before becoming a real shareholder, they are rewarded with fixed returns of eight percent per year. This gives them an attractive opportunity to participate in the development and success of Invesdor. Therefore, we are offering investors who have eagerly awaited crowdfunding in Invesdor a completely different and modern investment opportunity. And one of our traditions is exceeding expectations.

Find out all about the Invesdor funding round now:

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Written by: Invesdor




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