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Our success stories
These projects have been especially popular with the crowd


These projects have been especially popular with the crowd

At Invesdor, we have seen many exciting companies over the years and helped many of them get funded. We always keep our mission firmly in mind: We enable our customers to invest in a better future. Not only do the companies benefit from your investment, but you do too.

You decide how and in which project you invest. At Invesdor, we offer you a colourful mix of investment products, business models, sectors and countries of origin. In the following, we present some of the highlights that we and our crowd particularly like, and tell you their stories.

NEOH – European crowd hungry for more

If you are looking for healthy snacks and sweet growth, NEOH is the right choice. The innovative food tech company Alpha Republic GmbH under the brand name NEOH develops and sells confectionery without added industrial sugar or other ingredients that are problematic for health. In 2020, NEOH was one of the fastest growing health food brands in Europe.

Read more about NEOH's crowdinvesting

Biogena – The most funded company on Invesdor

The Biogena Group tells an unparalleled success story. Following the motto "Knowledge creates health", the company combines the latest scientific findings with ancient knowledge. Biogena's concept has met with extraordinary investor interest: In 13 financing rounds, the crowd has made it possible to open the Good Health World Center, launch a franchise concept and expand state-of-the-art stores, among other things.

Read more about Biogena's crowdinvesting

Evobeam – Hidden champion on a growth path

Evobeam is one of the 1,000 fastest growing companies in Europe. With its development and production of highly specialised metal parts, the company makes a decisive contribution to enabling Mars missions to take off, satellites to orbit the Earth and Formula 1 racing cars to take off. On Invesdor, Evobeam has completed a highly successful funding. In less than two hours, over 600 investors have invested a total of one million euros in the company.

Read more about Evobeam's funding round

Friends & BRGRS – When burger love is rewarded with attractive returns

Great burgers with freshly baked burger buns, homemade minced meat and triple-cooked fries at affordable prices. This idea quickly caught on after Friends & BRGRS was founded and the company expanded to many cities in Europe. The founders found like-minded people through Invesdor in 2016. The share issue raised 980,000 euros from 560 investors. Just four years later, the company was sold to NoHo Partners, which brought the investors a juicy return of 22.50 %.

Learn more about Friends & BRGRS

L’Osteria – Success recipe since 1999

The company's history is as lively and tempting as its Italian dishes. In 1999, the first L'Osteria opened in Nuremberg, Germany. Encouraged by the success of their huge pizza and fresh pasta, the founders decided to spread the concept further. Since 2016, we at Invesdor have been accompanying this extremely successful path. In 2019, the franchisee, FR L'Osteria SE, decided to rely on the crowd itself. It issued the first digital security in Germany and was able to raise over 2.3 million euros.

Learn more about crowdinvesting with L'Osteria

easyApotheke – Innovative concept for pharmacies

With its concept, easyApotheke AG is turning the market upside down: it combines the strengths of a pharmacy with the strengths of retail. In 2021, the company also took the digital route with crowdfunding. With great success: in just 21 hours, 324 investors invested 750,000 euros.

Learn more about easyApotheke

Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences – The biggest crowdfunding success story in Europe

The traditional Austrian company relies on innovation to meet the requirements of its guests. The concept is working: It once again achieved first place in the winning image ranking in the Leisure & Tourism category.

Learn more about Falkensteiner's success

We promise: versatile projects and options

As you can see, the portfolio of projects at Invesdor is versatile - and your options for investing money via our platform are just as versatile. We will ensure that this will also be the case in the future: that you can invest in the most interesting financing stories in Europe across borders.

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The information contained herein is not meant to be, and it shall not be interpreted as investment advice or a recommendation and investors must neither accept any offer for, nor acquire, any securities unless they do so on the basis of the information contained in the applicable investment material of a target company. Investing in securities of unlisted companies is associated with high risk.

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