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Investing in MedTech

Invest in cutting-edge medical technologies that could revolutionise healthcare practices and improve patient outcomes. 

Reasons to invest in MedTech

Accelerate healthcare solutions

Investing in medtech allows individuals to contribute to the improvement of healthcare by supporting companies that aim to enhance diagnostic accuracy, treatment effectiveness, and patient care. Successful startups may attract partnerships or collaborations with established healthcare companies, providing further opportunities for growth and development.

Many investors are increasingly interested in impact investing, where financial returns are aligned with positive social or environmental outcomes. Investing in MedTech projects that aim to improve healthcare outcomes can be seen as a form of impact investing.

MedTech news

Read our latest blogpost on the topic: 8 reasons for the success of Finnish MedTech companies.

Examples of MedTech projects funded at Invesdor

Projekt Agradu

Koite Health

Koite Health has developed and commercially launched Lumoral, which kills 99.99% of the harmful bacteria in the mouth. The entire Lumoral treatment process can be done at home and takes less than 15 minutes.

Since the market entry in 2020, more than 10,000 Lumorals have been sold and Koite Health has doubled its revenues every year. The technology is patented and is based on strong scientific evidence and support.

Koite Health is now growing globally in the €31bn home dental care market. 

Read more about Koite Health's latest round at Invesdor 

Projekt Solarpark Bomhofsplas


Monidor offers remote monitoring software and devices to detect problems earlier, release more time to care and avoid risk of mistakes. With its service the company helps hospitals improve patient safety, save nurses' and doctors' time and improve workflows.

The market for remote infusion therapy and key vital signs monitoring is experiencing rapid growth. According to global market forecasts, the industry is projected to achieve an impressive annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 17.6% between 2023 and 2030. 

Read more about Monidor's latest round at Invesdor

Projekt Die Windcentrale


Blood vessel occlusions occur at the vascular injury sites and play a key role in many diseases, inc. diabetes, COVID-19/sepsis and peripheral artery disease. Aplagon’s product APAC uniquely prevents blood vessel occlusions at vascular injury sites.

Read more about Aplagon's latest round at Invesdor

Why invest in MedTech through crowdfunding?

  • Get access to early-stage medtech companies that may not be accessible through traditional investment channels.
  • Support innovative projects and technologies in their early development phases.
  • Diversify investment portfolios by gaining exposure to the medtech sector.
  • Support projects that align with personal interests or values, such as advancements in healthcare, medical research, or technology. This alignment can add a sense of purpose to the investment.
  • Have a clearer understanding of how the funds are being used.
  • Become part of a community that supports a particular medtech project. This sense of community can provide additional satisfaction beyond financial returns and may lead to networking opportunities within the industry.

Please note

Liquidity in investments can vary and it's important to note that investments come with risks. Not all projects may succeed. Medtech companies can face challenges related to regulatory approval, market adoption, and competition. Investors should understand the risks involved, and be aware of the long development timelines typical in the medtech industry. While investing in early-stage companies is risky, successful medtech projects can offer substantial returns on investment. 


3 advantages for investors 

Icon Gemeinsam

Potential for high returns

Icon Finanzierung

Impact on healthcare

Icon Ausgereifter Prozess

Long-term investment

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