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This is new Invesdor: aiming to be the European Number One in crowdfunding


This is new Invesdor: aiming to be the European Number One in crowdfunding

More than 120,000 registered users, more than 510 funding rounds, and more than € 320 million invested in the future of European companies. Here we are, one of the largest investment and financial platforms in Europe.

In July 2021, Invesdor, Kapilendo and Finnest joined forces - a uniform Invesdor brand was born, which combines pioneering crowdfunding expertise in Finland, Germany, and Austria.

One platform, three teams - now networked in Europe and still directly on the spot

What changed? We offer SMEs and growth companies a direct access to the European investment market, which in turn means increasingly diverse and promising investment opportunities for investors.

What remains the same? We, the familiar teams from Invesdor, Kapilendo, and Finnest, are here to help and serve you. We offer companies and investors the best expertise in our own markets. We know what kind of rounds succeed and what kind of investment opportunities our investors value. We adhere strictly to our most important principle: we choose investment opportunities carefully, and we only offer rounds that we ourselves support and believe in.

We are all pursuing a common goal, which is to become the European number one in crowdfunding. We are all united by a passion for new ideas and the development of digital finance. Whether we work in Helsinki, Berlin or Vienna.

Team Helsinki - ready to bring the next growth promise to the European arena

Meet the Invesdor-Team in Helsinki

"We do not take ourselves too seriously, but we take seriously what we do", concludes Kaius Löfgren, our Head of Nordic operations.

Invesdor has shaken the traditional image of financial players in Finland. It is important that companies dare to approach us on a low threshold, even with the wildest ideas.

"Relaxed atmosphere and mutual humor are combined in our team with a diverse knowledge background and an agile way of working. When I started at Invesdor in January, I immediately felt a good sense of community and a genuine desire to help customers", says our newcomer, Senior Project Manager Bettina Lönnholm-Rask.

The Helsinki team consists of a total of 7 people, whose own experience of entrepreneurship, numerous industries and companies in different stages of growth enables each round to be tailored to the right need.

"We understand the mindset of Finnish investors and know the financing needs of companies. Together with our German and Austrian colleagues, we can open the doors to Europe for Finnish companies, and the same will work in the other direction. Finns are known for their innovativeness, and European investors expect good investment opportunities from here", comments Project Manager Niklas Green.

The greatest strength of the co-operation between Helsinki, Vienna and Berlin lies in the fact that investors and growth companies can meet online without cross-border barriers. Investing in growth companies is becoming more and more attractive as investments can be diversified across Europe.

Kaius, Bettina, and Niklas emphasize that Invesdor is not just a finance company: the financing rounds are, above all, significant marketing campaigns.

"Our unified investment platform and locally operating marketing teams enable us to gain broad visibility for funding rounds. We have good examples of bringing crowdfunded companies to international markets", Kaius adds.

The drive and enthusiasm of the Helsinki team is contagious. They are ready to carry the next domestic growth promise to the European arena.

Team Berlin - a German pioneer in crowdlending

The Invesdor Team in Berlin

Berlin lies in the heart of the German startup metropolis. In addition to young companies, numerous stable and traditional players have chosen to be in one of the largest and most international cities in the European Union.

Also in Berlin is Invesdor’s German team, a familiar group behind Kapilendo’s success story. We would like to introduce you the founders and pioneers of German crowdlending, CEO Christopher Grätz and COO Jens Siebert. If your company wants to organize a round in Germany, you will also get to know Anne Schnürpel, who heads Invesdor's customer support team from Berlin. Caring customer service on site has been one of the strengths of the Berlin team from the start - thanks to Anne and her team.

In addition, the infrastructure and related know-how of the Invesdor platform is located in Berlin. Christian Becker and Sabine Bychkar form a risk management team that reviews the eligibility of each individual company before our local contract teams finally add them to Invesdor’s platform. Nancy Heinrich and her four-person campaign team highlight each investment opportunity so that investors can find the right companies for their own investment portfolios - and companies can attract the right investors.

Team Vienna - an expert in traditional medium-sized companies

Invesdor's Team in Vienna

Hardly anyone knows the field of medium-sized companies in the Alpine Republic as well as our team in Vienna. Austrian investors value tradition and continuity and that can be found on this team. The driving forces are Günther Lindenlaub, Founder of Finnest and Director of Sales at Invesdor, and Reinhard Hönig, Head of Advisory and Structuring.

Finnest has done a convincing job as a pioneer in the Austrian crowdfunding market. Among other things, the team broke financial records with a round for the Falkensteiner hotel group. Invesdor will now continue Finnest’s marvelous work. Günther and his team in Vienna are ready to help German and Finnish companies in Austria.

Written by: Invesdor



The information contained herein is not meant to be, and it shall not be interpreted as investment advice or a recommendation and investors must neither accept any offer for, nor acquire, any securities unless they do so on the basis of the information contained in the applicable investment material of a target company. Investing in securities of unlisted companies is associated with high risk.

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