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I. Crowdfunding

Discover the features of various financial products and find the right investment for your personal preferences as well as your desired investment horizon. You will also learn about the most important theoretical principles for profitable investment strategies.

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Investment strategies

Different investment strategies are based on different financial products. There is a suitable financial product for every investment objective. In this section you will learn about the most important financial products and their special characteristics. Get up-to-date market insights from experienced staff.

We offer attractive investment opportunities even in times of high inflation. Find out why crowdfunding is the right choice now and invest directly in promising companies. Your financial future is in your hands.

Invesdor supports you with sound expertise in venture capital and presents carefully selected investment opportunities for committed investors.

Discover future-oriented growth companies and benefit from attractive return potential.

Invest in companies now

Discover the possibilities of crowdfunding for private investors and learn how you can invest in growth companies and start-ups even with little capital. We give you valuable insights and show you the special features of investing in private equity.

Growth companies: Successful investments in 2023

Sustainable investments not only have a positive impact on the environment and society, but also offer attractive return opportunities. We explain how you can achieve double returns with impact investing.

Financial products

Discover the diversity of our investment options and find the right investment for your goals.

With our fixed-interest investments, we offer predictable interest rates averaging 6.5% p.a.. By means of fixed repayments from various projects, you can thus gradually build up a strong portfolio with a solid return on investment. You decide which business models convince you and invest in high-performance companies from all over Europe.

As an equity investor, you participate in innovative companies in the seed and scaling phase. In doing so, you benefit from the high potential returns on the sale of the company or the IPO and at the same time as the main investors, you participate directly in the company's success.

Some financial products use the synergy of fixed interest and equity investments. The appropriate hybrid model depends primarily on the specific corporate structure.

  • Convertible bonds: By means of a convertible bond you can invest money in hybrid securities, which initially yield interest and can later be converted into shares.

Projects declared sustainable by us pay into the change towards a progressive society. With attractive impact investments, you can support this change and drive it forward in a sustainable manner. These investments not only have the purpose of increasing capital, but also a social and/or ecological component.

Success stories at Invesdor

Singa is modernising the last analogue bastion of the entertainment industry by building the first truly digital streaming service for karaoke. Since 2015, Singa has expanded into 10 countries and grown to a team of 30.

With the convertible bond, Singa allows investors to benefit from the next capital increase, IPO or sale of the company at a 20% discount to the share price. Over the term of 34 months, investors receive 10% interest per year.




FR L'Osteria SE operates over 120 restaurants in eight European countries with more than 1,600 employees. With a focus on Italian cuisine and more than 60 million euros, L'Osteria is one of Germany's most successful full-service system gastronomy concepts. Part of the success story of L'Osteria SE is that they emmitted the first digital security in Germany, raising over 2.3 million euros.

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Frequently asked questions

Companies in which you can invest with Invesdor are companies that generate a turnover of at least 1 million euros per year. In addition, the company must be at least in its 3rd year of business.

With unlisted companies, you can already participate in the company's success before it goes public. In addition to growth companies, however, established companies also decide against an IPO because it is associated with high costs. You invest directly and without intermediaries in companies from a wide range of sectors, phases and regions. This gives you direct influence on the companies' developments.