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We are always looking for new and interesting companies to offer to investors on our platform. If you know a quality company looking for funding or would like to see businesses from a certain sector, please let us know.

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Invesdor currently offers three different investment products for private investors, business angels and institutional investors.

In an equity issue, a company issues shares via our platform. You as the investor then have the opportunity to subscribe to shares and become a shareholder in the company.

We select for our investor community only attractive companies who have a proven track record, innovative power or high growth potential.

Profitable companies may pay dividends, or you may profit from an increasing valuation. Many companies plan to list on a stock exchange or consider another way of future exit.

You purchase the bonds of the company that's raising the funding. The bonds are investments for a specific term defined by the bond, e.g. five years.

During the lifetime of the bond you will receive a fixed interest rate (paid usually on an annual basis) and the full investment amount at the end of the bond's term.

We require companies offering bonds on our platform to have been in operation for more than 5 years, have revenues over €5m and positive cash-flows.

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Convertible bonds are hybrid securities that pay interest like normal bonds. They can, however, also be converted into the company’s shares during the bond’s lifetime.

The bonds are converted automatically, at maturity, or sometimes by the bondholder’s choice. When converted, the investor receives a discount on share price or a pre-determined amount of shares.

Convertibles can offer companies bridge funding or an alternative to a loan. They can also be used to measure appetite for an equity issue. Investors might use convertibles to seek a discount on the company valuation.

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FAQ for Investors

Do you have a question or just want to know more about investing on Invesdor? Find answers in our Investor FAQ. SEE INVESTOR FAQ