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Last updated January 15, 2018
Pyynikin Brewing Company is Finland's most delicious, innovative and probably most internationally award-winning brewery with strong growth potential, last year reaching over 140% growth and €1.7 M in net sales.
Financial information
Rows marked with an asterisk are estimates.
Revenue EBITDA
2019* 6 000 000 EUR 720 000 EUR
2018* 3 280 000 EUR 370 000 EUR
2017* 1 850 000 EUR -350 000 EUR
2016 1 707 000 EUR -257 000 EUR
2015 699 000 EUR -336 000 EUR
2014 202 000 EUR -98 000 EUR
2013 125 000 EUR -42 000 EUR

Business & market

We started small but have been growing bigger and bigger all the time. We have constantly developed new products, have been not only following trends but also created them. Our first big hit was Sessio Sixpack, a very popular product for Christmas 2015, which reached the lips of finns very effectively. Our innovation has not come to an end, as an example a small statement against Finland's alcohol policy we created a beautiful package called Iso Nelonen - Big4Sun.

Business & market

Our product range lives and is constantly evolving, we are always looking for new opportunities, following world trends and always trying to be in the forefront with new great products. We cannot do everything alone, we are active in various forms of cooperation.

Competition is already fierce in the industry, we have been involved in the business for several years and we are among the ten largest Finnish breweries. We have reached our goals with main distributors to provide our beers nationally. We are not going to slow down but rather increase the speed and develop our business to achieve better cost-effectiveness, create better quality products and in overall be more often at the lips of our customers. At the same time we are going to make this a profitable business. We have more than 2,000 people as our shareholders which is a lot in Finland. We take care of them and we want you to be part of our story.

Our growth has been tremendous, in the Kauppalehti magazine’s (finnish business magazine) article about Finnish growth businesses we were the fastest-growing brewery in the year 2016 and number 42 among all businesses with a growth rate of over 140% reaching net sales of €1.7 million. On the other hand, 2015 was over 200% higher than 2014 turnover. Great development. We have been seeking growth aggressively which has affected our financial results, and with existing equipment the growth limits have now been reached. With new investments the desired profitability point will be reached and will provide the basis for future growth.

With our products and the way of working we focus on being the choice for consumers to return to our products from one purchase to another. We also ensure that with suitable products we will also be of interest within beer hobbyists globally. We brew with love, big time!

As said our products have received quite a few significant recognitions.

The biggest win has been the "World's Best Seasonal Lager" awarded in august with our new Mosaic lager beer in London, World Beer Awards. Previous internationally significant award was in 2016, "World's Best Mild Dark Ale" won with Ruby Jazz Ale at the same competition.

We have also began strategically important cooperation with Restamax to start a brewery restaurant in the center of Tampere city. At the same time, we will be expanding to distribue and work in cooperation in all of the finnish restaurant chain. The brewery restaurant has been estimated to open at the beginning of winter.

We do not want to be just a small brewery amongst others. We want to be the best and the biggest!

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Our team

Tuomas Pere

Head brewer


Father of four, brewery’s head brewer and founder. He is the man behind the top quality recipes from which our beers have received the biggest Finnish international success. He is also responsible for continuous product development and brand creation.

Rauno Pere

Operations Manager


Rauno is sitting on top of our bank account and takes care of all administrative tasks, agreement negotiations and many other daily tasks. He has been with the brewery since the beginning and knows the brewery and the business better than his own pockets.

Juha Leppänen

Sales Director

Juha is sales maker who wants to build customer focused working environment where every person working for Pyynikin can be proud of the company and its products. He has graduated from Satakunta Polytechnic and has earlier successfully worked for Suomen Kaukokiito and Kesko.

Jenni Pere

Secretary, Health and safety representative

Jenni has a background in social services and health care bringing a very human touch to the brewery. She keeps the boys under control and takes care of employee rights as well. Jenni has worked at the brewery from the beginning, mainly focusing on very effective sales work.

Waltteri Pere

Production Manager

Waltteri has basically grown at the brewery. Almost all of his work career he has represented Pyynikin Brewing Company. Waltteri started to enter beer brewing during year 2015 and been here ever since.

Our story

Pyynikin käsityöläispanimo Oy - Pyynikin Brewing Company was founded in 2012 when we started to craft beer with love and offer the more tasty option compared to offering by bigger breweries. At the beginning we had a small 400 liter brewhouse, but very quickly we started to grow and have been growing rapidly.

Pyynikin käsityöläispanimo Oy - Pyynikin Brewing Company was founded in 2012 when we started to craft beer with love and offer the more tasty option compared to offering by bigger breweries. At the beginning we had a small 400 liter brewhouse, but very quickly we started to grow and have been growing rapidly.

Not everything has went according to the plans. Our brewery had a fire in 2014, which meant that the whole production stopped for a few months and the future operation of the brewery was in question. At the same time, we won the first major international prize in Berlin Global Craft Beer Awards with our beer called Vahvaportteri. Demand was high but momentarily production was zero. Well, we survived from the glitch and our journey continued.

In 2015 we acquired new (for us at least) but used equipment for brewing beer With the equipment we were able to multiply our production compared to earlier. During the same year we launched the first Finnish multipack, Sessio Sixpack, including six different craft beers. This was a huge hit and gave us great visibility within Finland.

In 2016, we purchased more fermentation capacity, learned more about beer brewing and in 2016 we won again a remarkable international prize with our Ruby Jazz Ale, the World's best mild ale beer. From this award winning beer we made our first can product as well and it still sells throughout Finland.

This year, 2017, we won an international prize again. This time we won the World's best seasonal lager beer with our Mosaic-lager in London World Beer Awards. Now available all over Finland.

We have received numerous other international and national awards with multiple other products as well. Many things have been done correctly. We have been the forerunner in the Finnish craft beer market, all the time inventing new items, been active with our shareholders and continuously looking for ways for internationalization. This is what we have done and our journey will continue.

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Funding & Documents

Pyynikin käsityöläispanimo Oy has raised 1.57M EUR in 2 funding rounds with a latest valuation of 1.59M EUR

Funding rounds
Date Amount
Dec, 2017 1 325 060 EUR
Jun, 2015 243 200 EUR

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