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kajhagros 20 days ago

The purpose of the spinoff was to simplify structure, yet the company now owns a major stake of Odum. Why is this the case?

In the section listing long term debt, the 700k loan for the business transfer (spin off) was not included, why?

AlvinOne Oy
18 days ago

Odum is AlvinOne’s partner in product development and is responsible for developing AlvinOne’s analytics and back-end system. In order to ensure a strong partnership and AlvinOne’s position, AlvinOne owns Odum’s shares. In addition, Odum has 30 years of experience in preventive care that AlvinOne benefits from as a shareholder.

The reason why the asset deal was not included in the long-term debt is that at the time when the financials section in the pitch was created the debt was not visible in AlvinOne’s financial statements. For this reason we explained it in a separate section to ensure it is fully disclosed as it should be. In order to avoid confusion, we have now requested an updated financial statement and will update the company profile accordingly that so it includes a section for long term debt to participating interests.

anonymous about 8 hours ago

The asset deal was made with valuation of 700k and now the valuation of the company is 2,4m.

Have you asked a premiliminary ruling from tax authorities for the valuation used in the asset deal, because there is otherwise quite clear tax risk in the sudden rise of valuation vs. asset deal which should be made in fair value?