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GreenStat - Opening soon!

This is a preview of an upcoming funding round

Greenstat is a green company for a green generation! We are building a portfolio of projects and companies that can make Norway even greener!

This funding round is not yet active, but it will open soon. The final pitch will contain more information than the preview. All information is subject to change, so do not base your investment decision on the preview version. Hit the like button on the right to be notified when the pitch goes live.

Our story

Greenstat is a company that connects industry, knowledge and politics together - in order to create new green market segments in Norway. We are the next generation of Statoil but with renewable energy, and we are building and creating green jobs, both here and abroad. The world is changing and Norway has the resources and opportunities to speed the transition and the challenges that will meet us in the future - we see the possibilities!

Our Solution

Our main focus on renewable energy is hydrogen and local energy.

  • Hydrogen with its high-energy efficiency and possibility of zero emissions will have a central role in the future of zero emission energy systems. Hydrogen can be stored and distributed over great distances independent of a centralized power grid. This means that hydrogen can be made available for an expanding zero emission market in Norway and the rest of the world.
  • Local energy technology has the opportunity to open new methods of manufacturing and storing energy near the consumer. Locally produced power will replace the centralized power generation. Greenstat will install and operate local production facilities and we will be a leading company in the transition from centralized to locally produced energy. For consumers, this will result in a stable power supply regardless of violations in the power grid, as well as savings in grid costs.

The Current Situation

Earlier in the year we had a very successful funding round, and there has been an incredible demand for more since the round closed. Today we have three ongoing projects and always seeking new and exciting projects to build a green future. Our main focus right now is to increase the number of projects that we have running, and deliver on them.

We have put together an experienced team of professionals who are all passionate about Greenstat's vision. We have partnerships with some key organisations who are equally as passionate about the future. To name but a few: University of Bergen, NHH, Christian Michelsen Research, HIB, NCE Maritime Cleantech, Trond Mohn, Hellenes, Sunnhordland Kraftlag and BTO.

The Funding Round

Following our round earlier in the year we raising money to build the company further and these funds will be used to:

  • Give you an opportunity to take part in an interesting company with drive and potential and have a share in the next green revolution in Norway
  • Diversify your investment through a portfolio of green companies and projects, which is expanding all the time.
  • Capital will be used to expand the company, grow team and facilities
  • Invest in hydrogen production and infrastructure
  • Invest in local energy projects