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Fuudel – the restaurant & takeaway automation platform

Seamlessly connecting food operators to consumers and on demand services through our disruptive technology. Fuudel's platform goes beyond online ordering, providing innovative, cutting edge tools and services that allow food businesses to thrive.

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Our story

The Past:

Back in 2004 our Founder, Dabier Miya, started a journey that 13 years later leads you to reading this pitch today. Secondary to his highly successful enterprise software sales career, and what was intended to be a one off investment in a restaurant venture, in Harrow, with his elder sibling, eventually led to a decade long journey within the F&B sector and the launch of over half a dozen restaurant businesses spanning multiple cuisines and styles; from fine dining Pan –Asian restaurants to canteen style sushi and noodle bar. Some of these ventures were extremely successful and 1 or 2 not so.

During this roller coaster journey, Dabier experienced 1st hand the banes of the fast food industry; some were mere nuisances whilst others existential threats, not only to his but other businesses within the F&B sector. Lack of staff, lack of delivery drivers, exorbitant commission for takeaways and reservations, delayed payment, incoherent and unaffordable marketing strategy, fragmented technology, disjointed service model; these were just some of the issues he and indeed others in the sector faced.

Having successfully exited the last of his restaurants in 2014, utilising his agile software sales and development expertise he set out to solve some of the industries burning issues. From this Fuudel was born.


The Present:

Using his extensive business, technical and operational management expertise Dabier has assembled an offshore agile software development team in Dhaka. Led by Delivery in Motions CTO & Head of Development – Sanit Hassan, the team compromises of young, talented individuals with the right blend of technical domain expertise and hands on project experience that will support the companies ambitious vision – to accelerate the technology evolution in the fast food sector.

Our business & market situation

Market Situation:

The fast food sector is an immense market. Accounting for in excess of £32.1 billion per year of trade – just in the UK alone. There are approximately 86,000 takeaway and restaurant outlets in the UK.

Currently the fast food sector is dominated by 2 key players; Just Eat and Hungry House, with limited competitive landscape.  However, the recent emergence and early stage success of delivery service models from Deliveroo and Uber Eats demonstrates opportunities exist for new innovative players.

With a fragmented, restrictive service models and oppressive commercial terms, the relationship between existing providers and their customers are unsustainably unilateral. The fast food sector faces a number of key difficulties that are challenging the survival of businesses within this sector.

  • Shortage of supply, excessive cost and difficulties in recruiting and retaining delivery drivers restricts business revenue
  • Difficulty of recruiting and retaining general staff restricts business flexibility, sustainability and growth
  • Exorbitant commission fees from current players provide a very unfair deal for businesses
  • Delayed payment clearance, for up to several weeks, starves small businesses of critical cash-flow
  • Fragmented technology and service model, provides opportunities for an innovative, with integrated on-demand services and inbuilt automation
  • A clear and concise method for these businesses to connect with today’s digitally savvy, on the go consumers


The Opportunity:

Restaurant by restaurant and takeaway by takeaway, Fuudel is changing the way owners run their businesses. Seamlessly connecting food operators to their users and essential on demand services through our technology.

Through Fuudel’s technology restaurant partners can seamlessly accept multi-channel take away orders and table reservations then receive payments instantly for a fraction of the cost compared to existing providers. Going beyond the simple go-between model of our competitors, through our technology Fuudel gives our partner restaurants a “1 touch” access to delivery drivers on demand, empowering our partners and ensuring they are never caught short of drivers at any time; opening up more possibilities for them and more income for drivers. Unlike current competitors, Fuudel’s delivery driver on demand model is fully open channel, meaning that our partners can use our service to deliver orders received through any channel and from any third party provider.

Fuudel’s technology has been designed to provide human guided automation and give a single point of technology for mulitple aspects of the restaurants operation from delivery drivers, general staffing, online ordering, table reservation and booking management, digital marketing and so much more on 1 centralised platform. Fuudel is giving the tools to businesses to help them take back control of their business.


The Vision 

Going beyond the go-between model of existing online ordering operators and being the first to market with this unique disruptive product, Fuudel is aiming to become the combined Uber and Just Eat of this marketplace; powerful, multi-channel ordering at the front end and open channel, on-demand logistics and human capital at the back end whilst providing additional innovative suite of tools to increase revenue, reduce costs and help boost customer loyalty.

Fuudel’s Proposition

  • Disruption of the fast food sector by offering a modular, extended service model
  • Providing a commercially sustainable businesses model for customers whilst creating a profitable business for Fuudel
  • B2B benefits of Fuudel – new and extended service model.  Integrated on demand transportation and logistics; table booking; on demand temporary staffing; marketing; table reservation; dashboard; reporting & analytics etc.
  • Better CAPEX – lower up-front cost for technology than competitors
  • Better OPEX - lower on-going cost to businesses than competitors
  • Better cash flow - faster return of customer payments to businesses than competitors
  • B2C benefits of Fuudel - huge emphasis on improved consumer UI & UX and better ordering platforms.
  • Consumers benefit from the ability to carry out a multiple of functions from within 1 application; order takeaways, book tables, tableside ordering etc.
  • Consumers enjoy a number of rich functions such as digital loyalty and reward system, real time- Uber style order tracking, much more choice from both lower and higher end food outlets
  • Consumers do not have to pay upwards of £2.50 to order from more premium restaurants


Fuudel’s Technology

  • The technology has been stress-tested and is market ready with a growing list of businesses subscribing and using the platform
  • Built in house, the proprietary technology has been developed using the latest technologies worth an estimated £350k.
  • In house agile, software development team ensures rapid development, deployment and evolution to market changing conditions
  • 4-part technology layer;
    • Consumer facing: Front end of our technology is similar to that of Just Eat & Hungry House. Native iOS & Android mobile apps & web based ordering platforms through which consumers place takeaway order & make table reservations. The consumer facing technology is 2 fold;
      • Fuudel’s proprietary marketplace version (mobile app & website)
      • Individual white labelled version (mobile app & website)
    • Business facing: Orders and reservations are received and managed by businesses within Fuudel’s proprietary Client Control Panel via a 10” android tablet device and mobile Bluetooth printer supplied by Fuudel.  The back end of our technology is similar to that of Uber’s providing “open channel” on-demand logistics services to fulfil takeaway orders to consumers. Drivers, staff, EPOS, table management, Tableside ordering are all, also, managed from within Fuudel’s Client Control Panel. 
    • Cloud Based CMS:  Fuudel’s cloud based CMS allows restaurant partners to enable real time content management. Through Fuudel’s CMS businesses can manage a vast array of business information, from menu categories & items, pricing, marketing campaigns, offers, reporting and analytics; all in real time. 
    • Delivery Driver / staff facing:  Fuudel’s pool of on demand delivery drivers and general staffers get access to Fuudel’s dedicated iOS & Android mobile app through which job requests are received and managed with real time visibility across all of Fuudel’s technology stack.

Fuudel’s streamlined technology lends itself perfectly to national and international scalability. We aim to extend our services to cover the entire UK within 18 months and anticipate international coverage commencement after 12 months.

The flexibility and usability of Fuudel’s technology is suitable for use across multiple verticals reliant upon local, short distance, deliveries as part of their business process. Examples include; pharmacies delivering medication to patients, retail stores delivering goods to customers, businesses delivering documents to clients and couriers companies delivering parcels and packages.


Fuudel’s Competitive Advantage

  • First to market with unique modular service model
  • Significant benefits to businesses that can only be matched by competitors if they lose very significant margins themselves
  • Combined online ordering platform with “open channel” delivery driver on demand gate away
  • Clear, simple, fixed, PAYG model
  • 2-way feedback to monitor and manage driver & staff QA
  • Integrated features;
    • Multiple takeaway ordering & reservation channel through Fuudel’s marketplace and individual white labelled version
    • Marketing
    • Real time dashboard
    • Temporary staffing on demand
    • Delivery drivers on demand
    • Instant payment clearance
    • Reservation and table management
    • Digital tableside ordering
    • Integrated optional EPOS system
    • Real time, live driver and order tracking
    • Digital loyalty and reward scheme
    • Cloud based CMS system
    • Sophisticated reporting and analytics


Our team

Our team

Fuudel's Management Team has been carefully selected to ensure they all demonstrate the commitment in Fuudel's short and long term strategic objectives. Every individual has been onboarded for their experience, background, success, drive and energy to ensure Fuudel's long term success.

Currently Fuudel has 18 FTE's (full-time equivalents), with investment we will be looking to grow the team across all areas of the business, in particular sales and marketing. 

Dabier Miya

Founder & CEO

Maths & Physics graduate from UCL with 10 years F&B experience. Has spearheaded the launch of 8 F&B family owned businesses with 100+ employees. Project & Programme Managemet experience within agile software development. Business Development experience across UK & EMEA. Experience in start-up environments launching new products and services into new markets, growing international teams and multi million pound revenues. A highly creative and driven business professional, he is an expert at devising penetrative business strategies. Combined with genuine vision and true entrepreneurial spirit, Dabier has pushed business boundaries and set benchmarks. Forward-thinking and strategy-focused, he combines heavy weight status to Fuudels ambitious business plans.


Sultana Begum

Co-Founder and COO

Innovative and versatile strategist, recognized by industry peers as a pioneer in the field of strategic marketing. Commended throughout her career for formulating effective marketing plans, improving ROI and achieving consistent year-over-year growth. Exceptionally articulate and persuasive. Respected by peers for unparalleled professionalism.


Sanit Hassan

CTO & Head of Development

Supremely talented CTO & Head of Development, Sanit has a unique skill set that allows him to effectively communicate and share his vision to all levels of the organization. He is able to guide his organization to deliver on projects to fulfil his vision. Sanit is a strategist, with a clear commercial acumen who has a clear understanding of the business value of IT and the future directions of the industry. He is result and success oriented, an outstanding leader and has a clear history of delivering Technology driven Business Change Globally.


Charles Knowland

Sales Director

Previous International Sales Director Digitech Labs. Extensive experience in both B2B and B2C selling within F&B, has formulated and implemented complex sales strategies. Has achieved consistent success in driving growth through the aggressive acquisition of clients and achievement of sales. Grew tech start-up from launch to £5.5m turnover in 18 months and took £7m turnover business to £11m in 2 years.


Alex Gustav

Marketing Director

Experienced marketer, impressively motivated and commercially driven, demonstrating powerful business insight and brand comprehension in the digital and offline space. Experience in heading international marketing initiatives for Disney, Get Taxi and Tag.

Taz Hossain

Non Executive Director & Adviser

Results driven Entrepreneur with 2 decades of digital business experience. A well respected digital strategist who has added huge shareholder value to some of the biggest Global brands. Was around during the Dotcom boom working with several successful Dotcom launches, including Lastminute.com.