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Coming Soon: LiveSYNC™ – Present & collaborate in VR

This is a preview of an upcoming funding round

Capturing places and events in 360° video and experiencing them in virtual reality (VR) is taking the world by storm. Finwe's LiveSYNC™ software is on the path to becoming the new industry standard for working in VR.

Our story

Virtual reality by definition takes the user to another place and time, although virtually. While this offers tremendous possibilities, communicating with other people who stay in the real reality has always been an issue.

To address this burning need, Finwe, a global leader in 360° video players, created a new kind of presentation tool: by using a simple drag-and-drop user interface running on a tablet, one can freely control what is presented via a mix of devices, observe the view from any of the users, share that view on a big screen, and even add interactive hotspots during the presentation.

The software is evolving rapidly as we have 5 years worth of 360°/VR technology in reserve, and the customer base is expanding from the media sector to industry through the enterprise version. Digitalisation is an important topic, and our industrial partners have already found out that

documenting facilities with 360° video provides many kinds of benefits, such as reduced travel time and cost or that safety training is much more effective in VR.

There isn't anything similar to LiveSYNC on the market. We started shipping the product in April, and now have customers in five continents. The Finwe team is highly committed to scale up the business. Now is the perfect time to join our global expansion!

This is LiveSYNC - "the powerpoint of VR"

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