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InvestorConnected - Coming Soon

This is a preview of an upcoming funding round

InvestorConnected helps entrepreneurs, investors and lenders make better decisions about the businesses they care about. Using the platform you can create pitches, generate financials and value businesses all in one place!

Our story

InvestorConnected is a platform that provides market leading tools to bridge the gap between capital and small businesses. At its core, the platform helps small businesses create pitches and financials in a structured format that is suitable for investors / lenders.  This structure allows us to create a number of solutions that make the process of funding more efficient and cost effective for entrepreneurs and investors / lenders.

Our award winning pitching system enables entrepreneurs to present their business, project or idea in the most professional way. Entrepreneurs can receive feedback and continually evolve their pitch, keeping interested investors updated throughout. InvestorConnected is the only platform that caters for all types of funding including equity, bond, and loan – each of which is linked to our offer tracking system.

InvestorConnected is a powerful platform that has a number of applications within the funding ecosystem. Our goal is to become the market leader in the provision of small business funding infrastructure.

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