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Karli Smoothie Bar – the smoothie revolution!

We are the first in the world to bring unpasteurised and additive-free raw smoothies in self-service format to consumers where they are, in an internationally unique and scalable concept. Now you have the opportunity to smooth up the world with us!

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Our story

Karli, formerly known as Tiki Smoothie Bar, is a Finnish smoothie bar-concept unknown to the world before! Our unique concept is to be the first in the world to bring unpasteurised, additive-free, healthy raw smoothies, rawthies, in self-service format to consumers almost everywhere! 

Buying a take away-smoothie from our self service Rawthie Bars is fast and easy but most of all healthy!

Our energetic and effective team of entrepreneurs has already successfully built a scalable concept internationally and across market segments and now we need your help to make a breakthrough on new markets and make Finland the world's newest raw-smoothie exporter.

We warmly welcome you to join our journey as an owner in our company.

What is raw?

By raw we mean completely uncooked smoothie and juice. Almost all ready-to-sell smoothies and juices sold in convenience stores, are pasteurised. The process of pasteurisation kills delicate nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes, and the product is essentially cooked. We do not process our products at any stage, because natural nutrients make our products unique. For example, the health effects of raw blueberry and other berries cannot be denied, and this is precisely what we hold dear.

Our smoothies are always “rawthies”, since preserving all possible nutritions in our products is a matter of honour for us! 

Where did it all begin?

Many of us are constantly on the move and life is hectic to begin with. It is a real challenge to find healthy, nutritious but fast nourishment. Thanks to demand and trends, supply is constantly growing, but it is, however, often limited to coffee shops and juice bars in city centres. This was actually the problem we wanted to solve; a healthy nutritious snack should be available for everyone.

Our experience tells us that you can release an unbelievable amount of your internal potential by taking care of what you eat, and now it is easier than ever! As active people and sport enthusiasts we have long considered proper nutrition one of the most important elements of wellbeing and stamina. Smoothies have been a daily part of our diet for at least a decade, as they are an extremely easy way to eat your daily vegetables and to get the necessary vitamins,  antioxidants and other nutrients from natural sources.

Tired of carrying blenders and shopping bags full of vegetables, we decided to solve the problem ourselves. Our idea was nourishing raw smoothies made of real raw ingredients, self-service, wherever, whenever, and in a time-saving way.

In the early summer of 2016 the world's first self-service raw smoothie concept, TIKI Smoothie Bar, was lauched. We developed three nutritious and healthy rawthie flavours, a machine suitable for self-service rawthies (together with the manufacturer) and used our well-known distribution channels from the market of the salads bar-concepts. The result of all the hard work, was a self-service concept already seen in over 30 places in Finland and Sweden from where you can buy a rawthie fast and easily.

From TIKI to Karli

After about a year from founding the company, we felt we were doing the right things and we were happy about the warm welcoming our rawthie-concept had had on the market. One thing bothered us though, - the name of our concept.

TIKI represents the renewal and fertility of nature. Although our values were aligned and we really liked Tiki as a brand, we felt that the name did not symbolise us as entrepreneurs or our domestic values and raw-materials.  

In our products and choice of ingredients, we wanted to highlight Finnishness, so we decided to rebrand our concept with emphasis on these values in the autumn of 2017. This project is ongoing at the moment.

Part of the rebranding of our concept is a new look, meaning that the sales premises themselves convey the message of our values better. Tekes approved us for their Tempo programme, which is being used to fund the project. The outcome of the project is a ready concept and a self-marketing sales outlet package for the international markets.

Karli is a good name for building a new brand on, as it is a Nordic name and does not bind us to anything already in use. 

This round of funding is at the same time a launching campaign for Karli Smoothie Bar and a new beginning. All this is fresh and so new that there is a possibility that you can still find some old Tiki material at our Bars on the market. 


Our business & market situation

Our vision

Imagine a world in which a filling, healthy drink made of authentic, high-quality ingredients was as easily available as lemonade. Our vision is to be, by 2022, a top European chain producing reliable, fast and healthy cold-pressed products. We intend to improve people's wellbeing one smoothie and juice at a time. We shall do this ecologically, sustainably and cost-effectively, with maximum respect for nature and its products. We buy ingredients locally and from ethical producers and always emphasise Finnishness. Here in the north we have the world's highest-quality and most nutritious berries, so we plan on always using them. We believe that if everyone drank one raw green or berry smoothie a day, we would all feel better.

Our supply chain is currently planned in such a way as to facilitate operations almost completely without food waste. Our goal is to make the whole chain so ecological and cost effective by 2020 that the environmental burden is practically non-existent.


The market for healthy alternatives and ethically produced products is constantly growing. Values such as the environment, healthiness, ethics, local food, organic food and a lack of processing are ones that consumers nowadays support and which are beginning to show more frequently in daily purchasing decisions.

The market for smoothies, and especially raw smoothies and juice products, has grown rapidly in recent years. In its 2017 report,  Technavion  writes that the smoothie product market was worth US$14.98bn in 2016, and that the market is expected to grow by US$7.64bn by 2021, when it will be worth US$22.62bn.


Our daily lives are constantly hectic and rushed. We respond to changes in consumption habits and lifestyle with our products and concepts and by being the first in the world to offer consumers authentic raw smoothies in self-service format from a tap. Our concept has proven itself to be functional in very different markets, such as offices, grocery shops, gyms, canteens and cinemas. Our concept is also easily scalable to new international markets.

Our mission is to bring authentic and nutrient-rich raw smoothies in an easy way to all, wherever our consumers are.

We help people and those close to them in the rush of daily life by bringing them healthier than usual options in the morning, daytime and evening.

We use all our expertise and passion to develop new solutions. We study how nutrition improves wellbeing and apply that to our products.

Karli Smoothie Bar

The world's first self-service raw smoothie concept. Our concept can already be found in a number of different sales channels, both in Finland and in Sweden.  At present, our sales channels include grocery shops, gyms, canteens, coffee shops and the Viking Line passenger ferry, FSTR, which sails between Helsinki and Tallinn in the summer. The concept is easily scalable to new markets, as our pilot has shown. At the moment we have more than 30 customers in Finland and Sweden, as well as more than 2,000 satisfied weekly consumers. Current turnover is approximately €25,000 per month.

The largest of our current customers is the K Group grocery retail chain. Other distributors include the Finnkino Tennispalatsi cinema, the Fressi and Forever gyms and the Sodexo canteens and Alepa Kamppi where our concept has earned its place.

We do not yet have direct competition in the smoothie sector. Various smoothie and juice bars compete with us indirectly with a similar end product. Our scalability, broad reach and the fast accessibility of our product give us a clear competitive advantage over these players. Our indirect competitors in the sales channels in which we operate are various bottled smoothies. We have a competitive advantage over these because our products are overwhelmingly higher quality and unpasteurised, meaning the ingredients' nutrients are retained.

At present, we buy our products via an exclusive subcontracting agreement. During the spring, we will drive up our own production unit to improve supply chain management and profit margins. By controlling production, we take the whole production chain into our own hands, meaning we have more influence on ingredient purchases and agile implementation of our seasonal philosophy in our recipes. We have developed a tool for our production and supply chains which makes it possible to manage the whole supply chain using Lean principles. This means there is no redundant temporary store or ingredient waste. In distribution we use a global food logistics firm specialised in temperature-controlled distribution.

Because of the unique nature of our concept, no machine built for our purpose exists yet globally. We have nevertheless found a machine supplier whose machines suit our purposes when reprogrammed. We reprogram the machines ourselves and the manufacturer has approved the reprogramming as part of the warranty coverage. A non-disclosure agreement has been signed with the manufacturer and importer on the programming and the related parameters.

Growth strategy

By the end of 2018 we will open about 80 client accounts in Sweden and 110 in Finland. During the following 7 years we will grow our number of sales outlets to 530 in Finland in 339 in Sweden. By that time, we will achieve about €20m annual turnover in these countries. In addition, we will expand in the next three years to several international markets, the first of which will be the UK (London), Denmark and Germany, and seek corresponding growth in those markets. 

Karli Cold Pressed

Our product portfolio will expand during the spring with cold pressed raw juices. The juices will be unpasteurised, nutrient-rich, cold pressed juices that retain their natural nutrients and vitamins. The ingredients for these juices will be seasonal and come from local farmers as far as possible. The shelf life of our juices will be guaranteed by HPP (high pressure processing), meaning vitamins and nutrient content will be preserved in the juices. Using this technique, the shelf life of refrigerated juice drinks will have a shelf life of over 30 days (at +4°C). The distribution channels for the juices will be the company's won online store, grocery shops and coffee shops.

Competition in this area arrived in the Finnish market in 2017 when an Estonian play started importing raw juice produced in a similar way to Finland.  Similar cold pressed products are already made a breakthrough, such as in Sweden, the UK and the US. For a new product like this, several players help spread awareness of the product and expand the market.


Why invest?

Health boom

The whole health product market, as well as demand for high-quality foods, is very hot right now and, as a whole, the market is predicted to grow. Bringing sustainably, ecologically produced foods to market will also be very important in future and consumers themselves are ever more aware of this globally. 

Unique concept

Globally, our concept is unique. Smoothie bars offering a similar product have been present in Finland and globally for a long time. There are also vending machines selling processed products globally, but these two fundamentals have never been combined. Our innovative concept is unique in the world in that it offers the same high-quality product as the smoothie bars that make to order, but in self-service form and from a tap. 


A single self-service raw smoothie bar is able to sell, with low labour input, about 200 smoothies a day. Ten bars can sell 2,000 per day, and so on. When production is centralised, we will be able to take advantage of the benefits of scale in production as volumes increase, and our operations will become constantly more efficient. When sales occur at "satellite" points, our turnover will correlate with the number of points, which we can increase by up to tens of units weekly and across geographical boundaries. 


Our team

Our team

We are an experienced and dynamic team full of bravery and passion! We have accumulated deep experience in sales work in various fields and especially in the groceries. One of our team's strong areas, in addition to experience, is the strengths of our different personalities that are visible in both carrying out the work and analysing it as a whole. 

Our team is young and hungry. We have created a globally unique concept and business model, which is extremely effectively scalable across both market segments and geographic boundaries. In the past year, we have succeeded in creating a completely new product category, raw smoothies, in markets where sales of a corresponding product have previously been impossible for resource-related factors, among others.

We have built a market for a new product category in the past, too.  Jens and Roope from our team built a market for the self-service salad bars in Finnish grocery shops in 2013-2016. In this Swedish-owned company, our founders Jens and Roope were paid workers, but built the market completely from scratch. Today, the salad bar is found in almost every food shop in Finland and Sweden. 


Jens Sjöblom

CEO and board member

Jens is the father of three children, a second-generation entrepreneur, and an eternal salesman.

Crossing borders and meeting people have always interested him and he started his career as a regional sales manager in central European markets. Before that, Jens drove a Vespa Pizzataxi in the lively streets of Florence!

Jens holds a Master of Science (Economics) and a Bachelor of Social Sciences. He has deep experience in grocery retail and in bringing new concepts and creating markets in Finland.

Previously, Jens has worked at Picadeli, a Swedish-owned company selling the salad bar concept, among other places. In 2013, he was the company's first recruit in Finland and built the company's business and organisation in Finland. Prior to that, Jens worked at Transmer as a Food Team Key Account Manager for SOK, Kesko and Tuko.

Jens is an owner and works full time in our company as the CEO. Jens is responsible for sales and strategy.

Jens’s LinkedIn profile can be found here.


Roope Karli

CMO and chairman of the board

Roope is an entrepreneur and a sales professional with deep experience. Roope's indefatigable and imaginative personality can be described well by a story of when he was 7 years old and found himself a snowboard and snowboarding gear sponsor.

Previously, Roope has worked in various sales roles in various fields ranging from vacuum cleaners to salad bars. Most recently, he has worked in grocery trade companies. In our company Roope is responsible for marketing, concept development and strategy. Roope is the main owner of the company and works with us full time.

Roope holds a bachelor's degree in economics, statistics and mathematics. Roope completed his economics studies while working full-time, but his master's thesis on systematic banking crises remained his computer's hard drive as his mission to make the world a better place emerged.

Roope’s LinkedIn profile can be found here.


Bruno Karli


Bruno is passionate about health and a sporty analyst. He first got excited about entrepreneurship when he was young and managing the sales of Christmas trees.

Bruno holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Management and has previously worked in management consulting at Accenture on global customer’s integration projects. Bruno is analytical and problem-solving focused.

He is responsible for the company's finances, strategy, operational analysis, and report generation for private equity investors. Bruno is an owner and works full time in our company.

Bruno’s LinkedIn profile can be found here.


Ann-Sofie Eriksson

Sales (Sweden)

Ann-Sofie is responsible of Karli Smoothie Bar’s customer acquisition and sales of Sweden. Ann-Sofie has deep experience of sales, both in the grocery sector and in other areas. Ann-Sofie has deep experience of conceptual sales and has previously worked as a business developer in the Swedish salad bar company Picadeli.

Ann-Sofie's LinkedIn profile can be found here.


Juuso Enala

Advisor & board member

Juuso is a marketing guru and the creative director of Zeeland Family. Juuso is a member of both the advisor board and our board of directors, thanks to he’s expertise in marketing. Juuso is involved in strategic work regarding brand building and marketing strategy. P&C Investing has appointed Juuso to our board of directors.

Juuso’s LinkedIn profile can be found here.


Jesse Kühn

Brand Manager

Jesse is responsible for the visual look and graphics of our brand. He has over a decade of experience in his field and has for example created Finland's biggest raw chocolate brand and has garnered considerable recognition for his work.

Our Brand Managers LinkedIn profile can be found here.


Palmén & Charpentier Investing Oy


P&C is an owner of the company and they advise us on corporate restructuring and financing issues. They have made several acquisitions and business buyouts during their long career. The company has a stellar three-person team and has helped us regarding financials.

More information on P&C here.