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This is a preview of an upcoming funding round

eKaista transforms the electricity market by combining transmission fees, electricity and taxes into a fixed-price package. By utilising consumption data and smart technology, we aim to reduce a household’s electricity-related costs by at least 25%

Our story

eKaista and SMA Group Oy (Ltd.), the Joensuu-based company behind eKaista, were both built by Mika Hurskainen. Mika sold his previous predictive analytics business Olapcon Oy in the autumn of 2016, but he kept the operations in the energy market, which made eKaista possible.

Mika had noticed that power companies benefited very little from predictive analytics in analyzing consumption data from smart meters compared to what was possible, and this paved the way for an excellent large-scale business opportunity. The original idea was to offer analytics to power companies to support their decision making, but it became clear that the timing was not right: power companies felt that they simply did not need to focus on this yet. Hence, the decision was made to bring the service to consumers independently.

Mika surrounded himself with a team of the best professionals. From the get-go, there was close cooperation with outside partners, such as a digital marketing agency and a communications agency. SMA Group aims to match Olapcon in size, at a little over 20 employees, in a few years.


eKaista’s vision is to permanently change how people purchase electricity, similarly to how fixed-price broadband deals changed Internet contracts. 10 years from now, the complicated and unpredictable electricity contracts and the hassle of power bills will be discussed in the same manner as dial-up modems with minute-based rates are today, with laughter and incredulous head shaking.

And the first trailblazer in this area will strike gold both financially and by entering the history books as a revolutionary in a market that plays a role in everyone’s lives.

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