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anonymous 2 days ago

Some questions about net sales development?

1) Can you give the net sales figures for Veen Group for some recent years (2016, 2017)?

2) There seems to be very high sales figures estimated for 2019 vs 2018 (roughly doubling the revenue). What is driving that growth exactly now? Why was 2018 growth so modest compared to this year's estimates? What has changed in a year?

VEEN Waters Finland Oy
2 days ago

Hi there,

Thank you for your questions and interest in VEEN.

  1. Net sales for the group were as follows:

2016 - €989825 2017 - €1165647

  1. 2018 was year of transition for VEEN from an exclusive water business to a beverage business. We launched our Nordic Mixer range in late 2017 and our Ayurveda Range in 2018. With the beverage business now growing aside the water business, the growth in 2019 is indeed forecasted to be a considerable growth leap and this for the the following reasons:

  2. We expect a 100% growth in the existing water business in India.

  3. We have 8 new sku’s in the market for the full year of 2019 which takes our product range from 12 sku’s to 20 sku’s this year.

  4. Besides the HORECA channel, we will introduce these 8 sku’s into retail channels this year also.

  5. 2019 will also be the first year of exports for the Nordic Mixer range from Finland.

  6. 2019 will also be the first full year of trading in two new markets - Singapore and Qatar.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.



anonymous 12 days ago

Hi, what is your point of differentiation and why would a B2B partner or a end consumer choose your (relatively unknown) brand before the vast amount of water brands already established in your segment and specially in the Middle East region. Thanks.

anonymous 12 days ago

My name is Tom for your ref.

VEEN Waters Finland Oy
12 days ago

Hi Tom

Our spring water from Lapland has a unique characteristic in that it is extremely low in minerals (TDS of 17.22mg per litre) making it a perfect complement to fine food, wine, whiskey, tea and the culinary experience in general. This is very unique compared to the classic high mineral content waters that you find in the market. The almost neutral and soft taste of our water works extremely well in the dining environment. This characteristic together with our bespoke packaging make us a strong contender in the HORECA (hotel, restaurant, catering) segment which is where we have focused our water business exclusively. These unique selling points of smooth taste, low TDS, package design and HORECA exclusive channels differentiate us considerably from the other brands out there.

The middle east as a region is growing very well for us even though the market has stiff competition. Our water and plant is certified by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology for sale in the UAE and additionally we have distribution in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Most recently VEEN has become the house pouring brand at the newly opened Kempinski Hotel Emerald Palace on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai which is a fantastic new reference account for us in the region.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,


Urmann 13 days ago

VEEN - do you refer to Veen Group or Veen Finland?

I was very confused reading the company profile. The story is about Veen "Group" but the target of the investment is Veen Finland.

For example Use of funds: 45k€ into truck and support vehicle for Bhutan plant. 75k€ into Bhutan staff accomodation extension. 100(-300k€) into warehouse extensions in both plants.

Can you please clarify the idea? Why is Veen Finland using the money for Veen Bhutan?

VEEN Waters Finland Oy
13 days ago

Hi Urmann,

Thank you for your question. VEEN Group is a group of three companies of which VEEN Finland is the parent company owning 100% of VEEN India which then owns 74% of VEEN Bhutan. We are raising the investment in VEEN Finland for the entire group given that VEEN Finland is the parent company of the group and funds can then be used as per our plan in each of the companies through the investment made in VEEN Finland. The overall structure of the group is that all the shareholders own shares in VEEN Finland, which owns 100% of VEEN India, which owns 74% of VEEN Bhutan.

I hope this clarifies your question and please do no hesitate to ask anything further.