Kerava, Finland
Last updated January 16, 2018
Suppilo cloud service connects marketers, manufacturers and importers with the buying customer companies to a joint procurement channel through cloud service.
Financial information
Revenue EBITDA
2016 337 000 EUR -182 000 EUR
2015 258 000 EUR -126 000 EUR
2014 249 000 EUR -94 000 EUR

Business & market

Suppilo ecosystem combines the traditional business sales and marketing mechanisms with easy of use interface. The cloud platform offers rapid venue to sell and promote products and expand beyond vendors traditional channels to increase sales footprint.

Business & market

Service Description to Vendors Suppilo offers vendors direct access to customers to streamline marketing and sales of products. This is enabled by the features of the platform to achieve: – One interface to all functions – Efficient sales tools; product information, real-time pricing structures, ordering, order management – Possibility to make customer specific pricing on annual or campaign basis (for instance new product launch) – Variety of real-time reporting to manage business any time, anywhere – Integrated logistics solution with option to choose the most suitable logistics provider – Inexpensive per sales cost model

Service Description to Customers Suppilo offers customers variety of benefits, such as: – Ordering of all vendors products in one place – Expanding own offering – Real-time pricing structures and discounts – Media calendar – All product information and training materials – Free to use. Customer only pays for the products and shipment

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Our team

Harri Eskelinen

Founder and Partner


Harri Eskelin created Suppilog in 2012 to address his challenges as an entrepreneur. He assembled a team of friends and partners to create a customer-oriented electronic ordering channel for his customers.

Mikko Mäkirinne

Chairman of the Board


Chairman since December 2015

Our story

A fully unique Finnish ecosystem, Suppilo is based on needs from companies in various industries and their customer experiences.

Suppilo is an independent B-to-B cloud service since 2012. Our speciality is multi-channel platform that offers wide variety of benefits to any manufacturer and customer. Suppilo develops the code and owns the rights for platform. The development of Suppilo platform started in 2009. 416 active customers procure themselves through Suppilo, in addition hundreds of customers use Suppilo representative service for orders in 9 channels. Suppilo has 45 channels available to be deployed. Sales through Suppilo is today measured in hundreds of thousands euros monthly, and growing. Suppilo changes the business by providing a bi-directional link from vendors to customer, integrating logistics to a seamless combination of highly efficient marketplace.

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Funding & Documents

Suppilog Oy has raised 132.3k EUR in 1 funding rounds with a latest valuation of 3.42M EUR

Funding rounds
Date Amount
Oct, 2013 132 300 EUR

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