July 08, 2014 Crowdfunding service Invesdor raised a hefty funding from its customers

Crowdfunding service Invesdor raised a hefty funding from its customers

Invesdor’s share issue closed on the company’s online platform on the 26th of June. The goal of the round was to assemble early adopters of crowdfunding as Invesdor’s shareholders while also offering additional value to the company’s customers.

– We wanted to build commitment in our customers, but also to get early adopters to be part of our operations.  We view our new international shareholders as an asset for our upcoming internationalization, says CEO of Invesdor Lasse Mäkelä.

The funding round, which is now the largest round organized through Invesdor so far, received investments worth a total of 290,871 euros from 135 investors from 13 different countries. Invesdor received 121 new shareholders as a result of the round.

Invesdor had previously used its own platform three times for fundraising, but this was the first one targeted to a wider audience. On one hand, the funding round was also an experiment for Invesdor.

– Iron Sky Universe’s successful crowdfunding round reaffirmed that our service works well for public international crowdfunding rounds. However, we wanted to see how well it would work for more narrowly targeted non-public crowdfunding rounds. It certainly worked; this is a good start for our internationalization, Mäkelä states.

Invesdor’s own offering is the 19th successful crowdfunding round organized on the company’s online service. In total 2.5 million euros have been invested through the two-year-old service.


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