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Kitemill - Coming soon!

This is a preview of an upcoming funding round

We bring wind energy technology to the skies! Kitemill uses a fraction of the materials for the same output of energy by ground based windmills at altitudes where the wind is stronger and more consistent.

Our story

Ground-based wind technology today has limitations. Kitemill was founded on the idea that by harvesting wind power at altitude,  where the wind is stronger and more consistent, a solution could be found that reduces these limitations. 

Even though the wind energy in the atmosphere increases significantly from ground level, no commercial products currently exist to exploit this resource and no electrical power is currently generated from higher altitudes (>300m) 

The solution

Kitemill has developed a fully-autonomous kite turbine prototype and has scaled up its design towards a pre-commercial solution. Autonomous operation including; take off and landing, production and return (all phases of flight for a Kitemill) was successfully tested in 2016.

Kitemill harvests wind energy above 500 meters altitude. Our current operation altitude is 2-300 m and our new demo scale kite is to work at 3-500 m. Later, the utility scales are supposed to harvest energy up to 1500 m.

We have proven the technology. The energy output measured, confirm our calculations in our businessplan.

Current Situation

We have optimal test facilities at Lista airport, Norway, with a license to operate from Norwegian CAA (Civil Aviation Authority - Luftfartstilsynet) which makes life a lot easier. Our workshop is located right next to the testfield.

First kitepark in the world to be installed at Lista during 2017, with 5 units of 30 kW. Furthermore, Kitemill has secured its customer for the park already.

R&D program based on ”best practice” from DNV GL. Kitemill was established in 2008 and tested the forces on 35 and 50m2 large soft kites. We measured more energy output then expected. Our R&D program was improved in 2012, as Kongsberg Innovasjon entered as shareholders in Kitemill, and assisted strongly on the development of our control system.

The funding round

The main objective with the upcoming funds is to complete the 30 kW project towards a full autonomous protoype. All the components have been produced so what remains is the setup and tuning in an operational environment which can be completed with least needed resources. 

In conjunction with the capital we need, we also hope to build a network of shareholders from around the world who can help us in the next steps of our development, acting as ambassadors to bring us into new markets and conversations!