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No one is left alone. Huoleti is a mobile app for patients and their loved ones. Build your own community of peers, friends, family members and volunteer helpers to give and receive help easily. Huoleti is a support network in your pocket.

Our story

Do you have a friend or a relative who has cancer? Did you find it easy to support them? We didn’t. We all want to help but often life gets in our way. We have the best intentions but we need tools to learn from others, to ease communication, and to organize our support.

That’s why we created Huoleti. Huoleti is a Finnish word that translates as “Don’t Worry”.

Huoleti empowers patients and their loved ones to cope with a severe illness or other life challenge. With Huoleti, you are never alone. Huoleti completes medical care by near-sourcing care and support. Our digital platform and mobile app enables people to request, offer and receive help easily, as well as find information and peer support targeted for their life challenge.

Huoleti is a support network in your pocket.

How does it work?

The concept of Huoleti is about near-sourcing care and peer support. After being diagnosed with a severe illness or facing other life challenge people may feel afraidanxious, helpless and alone. Some illnesses and treatments might compromise the ability to perform daily chores making the help from the community very much needed. The troubles a patient encounters causes worry and discomfort also for their friends and family. Huoleti is there to help them, too.

With Huoleti you can find others close to you based on the location information. You can chat and get to know them and then invite them to be part of your own peer network. Friends, family and volunteers can be invited to be a part of your support network. After building your peer and support networks, asking for help is only a one tap away. With Huoleti, your loved ones know what you need, and they are provided with a simple tool to walk beside you. Huoleti is also a working solution for volunteers to connect with those in need. Huoleti is a comprehensive service for patients, their loved ones and volunteers.

Huoleti will be opening their funding round to the public soon - please like this showcase to get email notification when that happens.